I’m still standing

yeah yeah yeah…

But the baby has moved down.

My mom is here! Hooray!!

She arrived Thursday afternoon. It was like the Heavens opened and shone down; I was able to relax and know that from this point, I don’t have to worry about getting someone to stay with the kids.

And look what she brought:

Top of bag:

Blurry image of the liner:

She makes these bags and sells them and these are the first ones I’ve received! I love them! It was so hard to decide which ones to pick – she came with about 15 bags, all different gorgeous color/pattern combos.

Guess what? She brought her machine and is going to make me a diaper bag! CUSTOM baby!!

That picture of the liner doesn’t do it justice. She designed the liners and there are pockets all around it to hold pens, cell phone, mommy cards ;0) etc. They just velcro in and when you want to change purses, you remove the liner and insert into the other bag.

I love them!

While she is here, I plan on working on a web site for her, so if you are interested in a bag keep an eye out for more info. Or email me for more info.


  1. Yeah Yeah Baby!

    Go Mom!

  2. Joy@Joy in the Journey says

    Oh, I love the bags! I’m glad your mom is there to give you the ability to relax knowing someone is there to watch the kids!!
    Thanks, too, for your sweet comments over at my place!!

  3. stephanie@{Olive Tree} says

    I LOVE the bags. So cute. If you even need some one to try one out an write about it on her blog, I’m local. :)

    Can’t wait to hear news soon of the new little one!

  4. The bags are adorable!! Yup, I think I need one :-)

    I was wondering if the baby had arrived; knowing that help has arrived is a blessing! Chrissy

  5. I love those! How about some pretty toile-maybe brown and pink!

  6. The Flip Flop Mamma! says

    When’s your due date? I can’t remember. My mom’s here too!!! Yippee! I have 3 days til due date! Those bags are darling!!!!

  7. Terri @ In His Hands says

    They are AWESOME! Wow, your mom is so talented! If I didn’t already have three diaper bags I would beg her to make me one too! They really are adorable!

    So glad your mom is there to help you. Mine will be coming in to take care of Jackson and then will stay after to help with the baby while we get over jet lag.

  8. Happy news! I bet baby and Mom are getting impatient!
    I love the bags – your Mom is very talented.

  9. beauty bags!!! thinking about you today…..

  10. Wow, those bags are amazing! I’m glad your mom was able to come help you.
    Stop by my site today if you get a chance, please.

  11. Becky Wolfe says

    Those bags are great. Keep us posted when there is a website for them. I love both of the ones you show! The liner idea is perfect! How big are they?

  12. Cool bags, Karla! And congratulations! :)

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