I’m still alive

Man – I can’t believe it’s already Saturday night.

(Did I really just say man?? how about dude?? or yo?? Are you down with that??)

The week got away from me – tweaks and more tweaks and even more tweak and yet some more tweaks.

I should be back to normal this week. I totally missed doing my What The?! contest… my Fo Realz? ad…

And most of all – I’ve missed connecting with all of you!

Please leave me a comment and tell me what you are up to – I mean it. I haven’t been able to read anyone’s blog for the past 2 weeks and feel so out of touch! I don’t care how long or short it is. Just talk to me, please.



  1. http://seven says

    I haven’t been up to anything much, other than working and tweeting and “marking all as read” and avoiding my blog in general due to a remarkable lack of inspiration. Meh. That’s how life goes sometimes, I guess.

  2. http://Rachel says

    You have definitely been missed sweetie.
    Kids, Cooking, Kids, Cooking and some reading :-)
    I hope it’s all still going well!


  3. http://Darla%20@%20UltraBeautyBoutique says

    Ummmm I'm pretty sure I've been with you. There was that 10 minute span where I can't remember anything but other than that, I'd have to say, you & Alli have been my main squeeze.

    {{waps with 3rd arm}}

  4. http://Susanne says

    LOL. Sheesh it’s been overwhelming around here too, so I know what you mean about feeling out of touch. I don’t think I’ve written a decent thought provoking post in ages and I’ve just got back to reading and commenting and think I’m getting caught up. Or maybe I’m just fooling myself? :v)

  5. http://Laurel%20Wreath says

    Been learning CSS code and my eyes are crossed =)

  6. http://Untypically%20Jia says

    I say “Dude” all the time chica, so no worries here LOL!

    What have I been up to? You mean have I left the computer? Barely. I did once the other day when there was a snake on my porch, but other than that it’s been all work and blogging. Getting ready to relaunch my community site, Modern Molly Mormon. I think my other blogs are feeling neglected.

  7. http://topsytechie says

    If I tweeted, I would have practice in summing up my actions in the last week in some really conscise pithy way…but since I don’t, I won’t bore you with the long, drawn out details. Doesn’t “busy” seem to cover it all sometimes??!!

  8. http://Rachel@oneprettything.com says

    The weeks have FLOWN by here. I can’t believe it! I’m working on a blog redesign and posts for the upcoming week. Lots of work but I have a great cup of peppermint tea and a kitty on my lap. Can’t beat that!

  9. http://Cmommy says

    Hi, Karla! I’ve been immersed in school (teaching 29 PreK sweeties) and lesson plans. (and dropping the ball with sending my articles to Amy)
    The site looks fantastic. Aren’t you so proud??!

    If ya’ll ever plan an IRL meet, I’m not far away from you and would love to be included. Have a happy week! Chrissy

  10. http://tabitha says

    Let’s see…I celebrated my daughter’s third birthday Saturday. Friends came down from the town we moved from in May. I got to see my BFF! My kids got to see their BFF’s! I participated in the Lifechurch.tv internet campus today. That was cool!

    I think that’s about it.

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