Today’s Instagram Moment

Thursday and Friday were not fun days blogsite wise... Thankful for a good host. Working on a post n Todays Instagram Moment


someone has figured out the old trick for solving this thing…

hmm... someone has tried to figure out and old trick... blog hmm...

Something Smart’s Coming

There is something hidden in that tree that will make Christmas decor easier to tend to.
Randy will be blogging about it soon.

*UPDATE: See if you can find something in this tree, and then head over to Living The Life Fantastic find out what it is and how to make one for your own tree!
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I’m Afraid To Ask

… what this is a euphemism for…
21eb8c6e3d8611e2a31922000a1fbcdc 7 Im Afraid To Ask

I Found My “Randy’s-on-the-Road” Love Note Tonight

Mrs Archer w550 h600 I Found My Randys on the Road Love Note Tonight

… on my laptop.

I wish I had posted all of the notes I’ve received during his travels over the last several years, as I received them. It’s always fun to find them, and they still surprise me!

(For those who weren’t aware: Randy and I were finally able to marry on October 25, so I am officially Mrs. Archer!!)