I’m dreading…

I’m dreading when my boys grow up and start becoming daredevils. I was on our porch a bit ago watching the neighborhood boys playing and my heart was in my throat most of the time. They have a Little Tyke car and are riding it down this big hill. Sometimes one is also sitting on the top of it as it is careening down the hill. Occasionally, they head right towards the grill in the courtyard and bail out right at the last moment. They think it is so much fun – laughing all the way. I will be a bag of nerves when my boys realize that they can do crazy things like that…


  1. robzonenet says

    I know its scary, the crazy boys. But I think they need that. Gives some confidence. If people didn’t do that then their might not be any astronauts or programmers… Ok astronauts or firemen. Boys will be boys.. robzonenet

  2. Karla,
    After seeing the pictures of Garrett, I am sure that you are really dreading everything that your boys will try to do. But the funny thing is- they seem to never get hurt doing the daredevil stuff.. it is when they are doing what they are suppose to that they seem to end up injured.
    To bumps on heads and black eyes…!

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