I’m curious

When do you get to bed? Do you have to read in order to fall asleep?

For me: It’s been way too late, lately. Trying to get back to a normal, healthy bedtime. And I used to read a lot to get to sleep. Now my body just passes out.


  1. Well, you may be able to tell by many of my posts, that I cannot get to sleep earlier than 1am. This partly because my kids don’t go to sleep until 9:30 or 10pm, and I have a newborn (if you call a 5 month old a newborn) who pretty much sticks to her own schedule. Then, by the time I’m ready to go to bed, I see that the sink is filled with dishes, the toy room has spilled into the living room, and my email box is full.

    On occasion, I’ll have a cold draft beer to help me sleep (my DH has a kegerator), but usually, I let exhaustion and the shock that it’s 2am motivate me to move to bed where I pass out.

    So, what exactly IS a “normal/healthy” bedtime?? :-)

  2. http://Lori%20(Front%20Porch%20Legacy) says

    Right now (and hopefully forever) my husband and I go to bed together every night – usually no later than 10pm. We love to sleep!
    He usually passes right out, but I typically read for 30 minutes or so before I wind down. Honestly, I need at least 8 hours of good sleep in order to function. And a one hour nap in the afternoon is awesome too. (Dropping my head..) Yes, I take naps and I am not ashamed of it!

  3. http://Heather%20@%20Not%20a%20DIY%20Life says

    I’ve always been an early to bed person. Now that our 14 month old co-sleeps, I go to bed with her around 8ish, then read for an hour or so until I get sleepy.

    Yes, I have a boring night life. But it works for me right now.

  4. http://Jeni says

    I would like to say 9:30 or so, but lately it’s been more like 11. I’m NOT a night owl!

  5. http://Beck says

    I read for a while and then go upstairs to bed, good night by 10:30, generally. I lead a wild, wild life.

  6. http://Adrienne says

    I have to read. and usually fall asleep mid sentence glasses and light still on. I can fall asleep wtih lights tv’s radios all on at the same time. It makes life very easy.

  7. http://Beth%20(A%20Mom's%20Life) says

    I usually fall asleep on the couch before 9:30 and then am usually in bed sound asleep no later than 10:30.

    I get up at 4:40am so I have no problem falling asleep at night!

  8. http://Elizabeth says

    i’d say on avg i am asleep in bed btwn 11-12…up between 630-7. i never needed anything to fall asleep…but since i’ve been married hearing the tv very low helps me relax! boo!

  9. http://Monkey%20Giggles says

    I stay up way pass my bedtime and I regret it in the AM.

  10. http://Susanne says

    I go to bed way, way too late. Usually 11:30 and I have to be up at 6:30. I love to read in the evening but don’t read in bed because hubby goes to bed earlier than me.

  11. http://a%20boy,%20a%20girl%20and%20a%20pug says

    I’m such a night owl. I’m afraid I usually don’t hop into bed until midnight or so and as hard as I try cannot fall asleep without the tv on. My hubby finds it super annoying :-)

    love your blog by the way!

  12. http://Amy%20@%20Milk%20Breath%20and%20Margaritas says

    I used to be able to sleep pretty much anywhere anytime, like a little kid, only 35.

    Now (41 ~ ahem) I sometimes have trouble. My routine is: bath (with magazine), then one re-run of Scrubs, then if I’m not too tired, I read a little.

    Most of the time it works. But I’m like you – I need to start earlier. It’s usually at least 11 for me and I’d like it to be sooner.

  13. http://Brittany says

    Too late. I have good intentions to get in bed by 10 but it just doesn’t happen. If I do, I lay there until 11-12 like normal. I just can’t get my “clock” reset.

  14. http://Darla%20@%20UltraBeautyBoutique says

    If I could fall asleep at 9 I would SO BE THERE, but I can’t ~sigh~ I LOVE to sleep. I now go to bed around 10-10:30 and pray I am asleep by 11.

  15. http://Mel%20@%20A%20Box%20of%20Chocolates says

    Hubby is a tv watcher in bed and I usually end up passing out while he is watching something on Discover or History. I do like to read before bed and will often fall asleep while doing so. I’m usually asleep by 11 and have to admit during the school year it isn’t anything for me to be in bed by 9:30. 5:15 am comes way to fast for me!!

  16. http://Trysha says

    I should get to bed a lot earlier than I do. I’ve been better about getting to bed, on nights when EMT-Dad works I usually get to bed around 11. But on nights when he’s home it’s late…like 1 am late. The only time we have alone is after the kids go to bed, so we stay up late (usually watching Tivo’d episodes of King of Queens) like teenagers.
    School starts next Friday, so I’m going to have to kick it in gear to get up early enough to take Caedon to school.

  17. http://TAMI says

    During Summer I usually go to bed around 11 p.m. and just fall asleep. It’s very unusual for me to have trouble going to sleep, and if I do I know there’s something that I need to take to the Lord. During the School year I have to be in bed by 9:45 if I’m going to exercise and get the kids to school

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