I’m curious

What combinations have y’all found for being online (dial up, wireless broadband…), having a phone (cell, LANline etc.) and cable/satellite and being able to work it into your budget?

How does it work out for you?


  1. http://seven says

    Live with your parents and don’t watch TV. Then you’ll just have to pay your cell phone bill like me. :) Just kidding… I don’t have a solution for you. When I lived with roommates, we had Clearwire for the internet, and that was reasonable. I don’t know about land phones, though… I haven’t had one for like 5 years.

  2. http://Jolanthe says

    let’s see. we ended up going with cable for online – and sadly now that we’ve been spoiled we’ll have to figure out how to afford it for always. We do have basic cable – and by basic I mean the economy package. we get the networks and a few others. Many cable companies don’t advertise it on any of their flyers, but you can call and ask about it. Usually it is called broadcast cable. Ours is only $13/month – and we really don’t want to watch that much anyway. or shouldn’t. :)

    Our cell phone is through a local provider and it offered us much more for our money. When we compared it to some of the national companies we’re getting sometimes twice as much for half the price. We have long distance with it and 500 minutes a month for $27. gotta love that.

    And our land line offered us a deal for signing on for a month. We did have one of the internet phones for awhile but had WAYYYY
    Y to many problems so we switched back. We’ve tried vonage and another, but we had disconnect problems in the middle of phone calls and sometimes no dial tone. It was becoming a real headache, so we sucked up the extra $10 a month for consistency’s sake.

    And there is my book for today. :)


  3. http://Renee says

    We have digital cable & our cable internet through the same company (Comcast), and Verizon for cell. No landlines, so we save money there. With family scattered, the free long distance with the cell phones definitely was benefit; we’ve been landline free for over 7 years with no trouble.

    We do get a bit of a discount by having tv & internet through the same company, and if we needed to trim our bill we could cut out digital (but it’s only $5 more a month& my husband really loves it). He’s a programmer, which also makes the high-speed internet a very high priority so we’d be cutting out a lot of other things before we cut out our fast internet.

    Other than the digital, our cable is the most basic package they offer that includes ESPN.

  4. http://Beck says

    Because my husband needs an extremely high-speed connection for his work, this is not an area we can skimp in at all – since we’ve moved here, we’ve had a digital cable combo which bundles our internet and tv together.

  5. http://Lois%20Grebowski says

    Basic cable in provided in our monthly association service package (we live in a high-rise condo). Then we pay for internet (we have cable internet) and then we each have cell phones instead of land lines.

    Hope this helps!

  6. http://Amy says

    Our internet is paid for through my husband’s work, but we originally were paying for it so we went with what was cheapest. We got Yahoo and I love it! It is $20.

    For my cell phone, I have a $39.99 plan with Verizon (450 anytime minutes and unlimited mobile to mobile) My entire family is long-distance and even my closest friends so the mobile to mobile minutes are golden for me!

    For television, we use Direct TV and I have been pretty happy with it. You can get a decent plan for $30- a splurge, but it is a luxury that I have loved having. Since the writer’s strike though I am starting to wonder if we really need even that. I just need to get my hubby on board ;)

    PS- I sent you an email, but it bounced…I just need to find out what day you wanted me to start writing for your Domestic Divas team?

  7. http://Crafty%20Carolinagirl says

    I have my high speed internet and phone through AT&T, but I am very dissatisfied with them. Their prices and fees are outrageous ($85+ a month) and their customer service is terrible. I am shopping around, but we have very limited options here in NC.

    My cell is a pay as you go phone through Virgin. It suits me fine, since I am not a cell phone talker. I pay $20.00 every three months.

    When I call my friends and family long distance, I use a calling card from BJs. I have been doing this for several years and it has been great.

    My television is hooked up to Direct TV. I really like them though my bill is a little pricey ($65 a month with 2 receivers). I am planning on going down a level next month, but I hate to lose my ’80s music channel :) I did have to sign a year contract with them.

  8. http://His%20Girl says

    We gave up tv 7 years ago, when basic cable was under twenty bux a month… now we can’t go back! It’s amazing what you can live without, and how many shows you can watch online.

    our cell phone bill just IS our big bill. we put our land line onto just the basicy basic- no long distance or anything. a firefighter told us that a land line in our county will get 911 MINUTES faster than a cell phone, so we’re keeping it.

    our internet- my husband’s work kept making him dial in on his day off, so we convinced them to pay for the internet- FIOS, which rocks beyond reason since we came straight from dial up.

    that’s how we do it… good luck!

  9. http://Linda says

    Due to cable-addiction (hubby and kids) we have cable and cable modem…rather pricey, but for me, as the primary computer user, I adore the cable modem and am willing to pay for the highest speed. We use Packet8, through our cable (it’s like Vonage – it USED to be cheaper, but it isn’t anymore!), and we have Sprint for cells, though we barely use those, except for calling each other.

  10. http://Carol says

    We don’t have many options where we live in the Bremerton, WA area, so what we did was eliminate ATT as our local and long distance phone provider ($70/mo) and signed up with our local cable company for phone service in a “bundle” and got digital cable, high speed access, HD TV and cable phone for a total of $155/mo. We were paying $106, so adding the HD and phone brought it up to the $155. Saving a little bit, but it all counts to us. :)

  11. http://Kelli says

    We have DishNetwork now, only becasue ti’s the only thing we can get where we live. Because the only few shows we watch are, of course, on the 250 channel package, we splurged up. And we have DVR. Mainly becasue we only watch TV in the evenings.

    To save money for that, we went with a new phone service called MagicJack. it’s $39.95/first year, and $19.95/year after that. Basically, it’s VoIp- one phone line per computer. It has all the features of a regular phone- voicemail, caller ID etc and free 411 for a one time fee every year.

    Go to magicjack.com for details. This saves me (in our marketplace) $44.99 per phone line (we need two) a month!

  12. http://Reynie says

    We’ve got a land line phone bc I work out of the house a lot so I need it for conference calls and such. We go through AT&T for it. And of course, it is a rip-off! Phone service should be cheaper but after you pay a zillion dollars in all kinds of taxes, it’s about $50/month.

    I have a cell phone through T-mobile but keep the minutes plan low on that and try to use it for long distance only. I got a plan through my company for that one so it is a little cheaper.

    We use Dish for our cable and it’s $70/month. Crazy on that, too but I just can’t live without my HGTV and Food Network.

    Since I live in the middle of nowhere, I can’t get DSL. My life stinks. I get my internet service through my cell phone service. I bought a card that picks up the service that way. It’s about $50/month.

    Good grief I spend money on all this “communication.”

  13. http://Erika says

    We have the cable and internet bundled. We do not have a house phone, just cell phones. I have found that bundling the internet with telephone line is about the same as the bundle with cable. The cell phones are a must so we choose the cable route.

  14. http://carrie*postma says

    we are doing the Comcast 3-pack thingy. We get cable, phone, and internet all in one. Its been good and convenient so far.

  15. http://Lelia%20Chealey says

    I have the internet through our phone co. & so I have a phone but don’t get charged for it, because it’s used only for the computer. I can still receive incoming calls for free, & use it for 911 & 1-800 #’s. We just wait until after 6pm & then use our cells, but we have a family plan so if the call can’t wait we don’t go over our minutes. Also, when football season is done so is the extended cable channels. So during f-ball we pay $60 & off season $16!! Wish he wasn’t a sports nut! We’re in the midwest, so not sure what it’s like where you are.

  16. http://Becky says

    Well let’s see. The internet, digital cable and digital phone are all on one bill through the cable company! Since the area we live in right now does not get cell service this is the cheapest way to go! Hubby uses a prepaid cell phone just in case he needs to call home. We spend about $20 a month for that. Oh and the bundle package runs us $130 a month.
    But before we had the bundle package our phone bill was running that alone so it’s well worth it!

  17. http://Missy%20@%20It's%20Almost%20Naptime says

    We do the bundle thru Comcast – internet, DVR & phone for $99 a month. Pretty great deal. And I love the cable internet, don’t think I could go back to DSL.

    I do pay as you go with Verizon too on my cell phone. I just don’t use my cell very often. I buy $100 at a time and I think it lasts me 3-4 mos.

    I second that ATT stinks and is overpriced, even tho I loved Dish Network so much. And don’t even consider Vonage – they are evil.

  18. http://Jenni says

    We don’t watch TV and since DSL is the only high-speed option in our poe-dunk town, we have to keep a land line.

    We pay about $35 for DSL and the very bare bones land line and we pay around $120 ($60 reimbursed) for two cell phones.

    I consider it a blessing, b/c we went without high speed or cell phones when we were adjusting to one salary.

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