I’m an addict

Actually, there are a lot of things that I am addicted to: peanut M&Ms, McDonald’s french fries, the internet. But I have found a new buzz for my brain:

super mario galaxy

Heaven help me!

I already thought that Wii was amazing, and now, I’m just flat out ready to marry it. (But that would be illegal on so many levels.)

There are, however, some creepy characters. For example:

Big Crazy half Little Shop of Horror, half dinosaur character:

baby sarus

 Big Crazy Clockwork Orange looking thing:

weird wormy thing

Big Crazy Deformed Mr. Potatohead:

big thing

And Big Crazy flat-out weird fireball throwing octopus thing:


But then there are these cuties:


How can an animated character be so cute! I just want to pinch those cheeks.

Consider yourself warned: Purchase this game at your own risk. You may look in the mirror one day and realize that you are that pimply-faced computer geek you made fun of in high school.

Just sayin’.


  1. http://Dawn%20@%20My%20Home%20Sweet%20Home says

    My kids are Wii addicts, but can you believe I haven’t tried it? I’m curious about the Wii fitness thing.

  2. http://Rhiannon says

    I like this game, but it makes me a bit dizzy!

  3. http://followthatdog says

    We may be the last family in the US without a Wii. I got one for my parents, but didn’t want to bring such an addictive substance into our house. I’m beginning to regret my decision.

  4. http://Jeni says

    I’ve been trying to find a Wii for a couple of weeks, and this is one of the games I want to get! I just love Mario!

  5. http://Trysha says

    We don't have a Wii…matter of fact the only gaming system we have is a PS2. Oh yeah. I'm half tempted to bring back the old school Nintendo. The one with Duck Hunt. That would be sweet.

    I do want a Wii and the Fit system for after the baby is born. But then I'd have to give up Peanut Butter M&M's…and part of my sanity.

  6. http://Fresh%20Girl says

    Super Mario Galaxy was my favorite Wii game for a long time — until Mario Kart came out! Oh my goodness, SO MUCH FUN!! If you don’t have that one, try and find it. It’s crazy fun. And if you have a wireless network at your house, and you get MK, let me know — we can race each other. ;)

  7. http://texasholly says

    You need Monkey ball.

  8. http://Rachel says

    I. want. a. Wii!! Blast it all ;-)
    That looks like so much fun.
    I’m a total geek, I’ll freely admit it :-)

  9. http://Teresa says

    I love that game too! The graphic is just amazing!

    My Blog: Cute Tee

  10. http://Rachel says

    my husband bought me the Wii today!!! in cluding the galaxy game!!! yeah!!!! I havent played it yet though…..we played the sports and mario party….so far….

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