I’m a frayed knot

Thirteen Loose Ends I need to wrap up:

1. The winner of yesterday’s What The?! is Beth at A Mom’s Life.

2. It was a close up of this photo:

See the front of that sled? Yeah, it was that.

I love love love love love reading your guesses! And I love even more, that you are willing to play along!

3. On that note, here is a button to spread the word (maybe we can get some fun prizes lined up!)

If you use it, please link to this page so that others can find out what it is all about.

4. Also with that, since next Tuesday is Christmas, there will be no “What The” – but I will do the drawing for the month and announce it Wednesday the 26th.

5. The names to be picked from are: Sarah, Megan (FriedOkra), MommaJones and Beth

6. I’ve decided that I am definitely going to offer my Mommy Cards in a .jpeg format, effective immediately. They will be $15.00 and you will be purchasing the a high resolution .jpeg file. You may then print as many as your little heart desires. Or take it to Kinko’s, Office Max or your local print shop and have them print it for you.

7. I am also going to offer this option for my birth announcements and wedding stationary (for the DIY bride… or, whatever…)

8. I am also going to be offering personal stationary soon.

9. I’ve been tagged for a meme by Kim — Kim, I’ll post it real soon! Promise.

10. My mom and dad are coming to our house for Christmas. (Yippee!)
I’m wondering – For those of you who are familiar with Etsy or use it yourselves to sell stuff, do you like it? Is it a good option for selling? If you remember, my mom sews and sells really cute purses. I’ve set her up a web site, but I’m wondering if Etsy will be easier for her to use?? Opinions?

11. I had every intention of participating in the Christmas Tour of Homes, but I just flat-out got behind. I still haven’t taken any photos of my decorations. So, just imagine the most gorgeous Christmas decor ever. Then pretend it’s mine.

12. My feed is still acting weird. Please let me know if it is showing weird for you, and which feed reader you are using.

13. Please leave me a comment. Even just “hi”. I’m wondering how many comments I can get for Christmas.


  1. http://Bloggers says

    Great post!! That is a cool contest I am going to have to check it out next time.

    My 13 is up on Working at Home Mom

  2. http://Beth says

    Yippeee! I can’t believe I won! I really enjoy playing along every week and will put your button on my sidebar. (I would have done that even if I didn’t win this week!)

  3. http://Megan%20(FriedOkra) says

    Beth, I bow to your skills. That one was HARD.

    Karla – I can’t wait to see the personalized stationery!

    Also –

    comment comment comment comment

    Hee hee. Hug hug hug.


  4. http://Big%20Mama says

    Merry Christmas Karla!

  5. http://Sniz says

    Fun list! Hope you get your meme done and up and I loved the picture. It could be on the cover of a magazine.

  6. http://crafty%20carolinagirl says

    Wow, that one was tough. Congrats to Beth!

    I have been buying from Etsy for months and just started selling on it. It is very simple to set up an account and to start selling. It is pretty similar to Ebay, but I think much more user friendly.

    Etsy does charge a fee of .20 (I think) per listed item. The buyers can use PayPal to pay and they charge you a fee as well.

    I would definitely recommend it. I find it a lot easier than selling off of a website, but then again I have yet to figure that out.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  7. http://Laura/DaPFG%20(pinkfontgirl.livejournal.com) says

    i <3 etsy. sometimes things are WAY expensive, which baffles me because i don't see how people determine their prices on there...but i like it. eye candy even when i'm being cheap :P

    i was going to do the Tour too, but my house is trashed and i still haven’t decorated.

    *le shrug*

  8. http://Kristi says

    Great post!

    I’ve got a million things on my “have to get done now” list…and most of ’em won’t get done before January 3…or later!

    Happy TT!

  9. Etsy works well for a lot of people – they’ve got an area on their site with good ideas for maximizing page views and stuff.

  10. http://Susanne says

    Looking forward to seeing your stationary line!

  11. http://Sandee%20(Comedy%20+) says

    What a fun and practical way to to Thursday Thirteen. I love it. Have a great TT. :)

  12. http://jennwa says

    I like your Thursday Thirteen. And I will ad your button to my blog. Great photo contest.
    Merry Christmas.

  13. http://Nicholas says

    Ok….. Hi!

    I love that photograph! Merry Christmas.

  14. http://~Babychaser~ says

    Here’s my hi!!! And Merry Christmas!

    I love comments too… though so many people don’t leave them. :(

    I hope you have fun with your parents!


  15. http://Kelly%20@%20Love%20Well says

    What a great sled picture, Karla. It was perfect for the contest. I couldn’t even come up with an idea this week.

    Merry Christmas, to you and your family.

  16. http://acupofjoy says

    Wonderful! I posted on my blog about your contest…helping spread the word. It sounds like such fun! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  17. http://Theresa says

    I use googlereader and you look great! :o)


  18. http://Missy says

    I cry discrimination! to your Texas readers.

    I don’t even know what that thing y’all are sitting on is or what that white stuff flying all around is. Is that laundry soap? Why is it all over the ground? And how come y’all got those sweaters on when it is 80 degrees outside?

    Show me a closeup of the condensation on my sunglasses or the sweat on my upper lip as I push a shopping cart across the WalMart parking lot, then I will win!

  19. http://dcrmom says

    Hi. :-)

    I’m such a brat. Seriously, merry christmas!!! :-)

  20. http://Nancy%20J.%20Bond says

    This seems like the time of year for loose ends. :) I’ll be checking in on your contest!

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