Fathers and Daughters (alternate title: Watch your words)

When I was a teenager, I came across a letter that my dad had written to my mom when I was born. He was overseas when I was born, deployed to Korea. So the first time we met face-to-face, I was around 6 months.

At the time I discovered this letter, I was an awkward, self-conscious teenager with plum hair and white lipstick.

The feelings that swept over me as I read that letter stay with me to this day, and I’m sure that they have carried me through many hard times, as they built me up at that time, and surely sparked something that help reprogram me out of my teenage whatever it was

My parents were great at letting us know we were loved. Except for the New Years Day dinner my 9th grade year, they rarely fussed over my eclectic-ness. I know it drove them nuts that I wore clothes with holes in them and that I never ironed. Even still, there was a part of me – that part of a child who wonders how someone could ever love someone like them – that knew there must be some strings attached.

Reading this letter I realized that there were none. Seeing in ink, on that aged piece of paper, my father’s words, words of complete and utter joy, I knew without a doubt that I had always been and would always be: loved.

I’ve tucked that letter away into a safe place. But even if I never see it again, it was burned onto the memory of mind.

Beyond this – know that your words have an impact. Spoken or written. For better or worse – they are out there.

Make them count, so that they make a difference.