I am so very sick with a head cold or something (maybe someone ran over my head with a truck when I wasn’t looking??)

Anywho — because of that, and because these things tend to make the rounds, I will be pretty random for the next several days…

*sigh* and my birthday is today… (so begins our birthday marathon around here…)
me 7th
Abbie 14th
Sean 16th
Seamus 25th
(poor Quinn has to wait until January)



  1. Glass Half Full says:

    I am sorry. In the past month we’ve been thru TWO cold!! Blah.

  2. Happy belated birthday! I’m visiting from the Faith Builders site. My birthday was on the 7th also, and I have several friends AND family with birthdays in October :) I think God likes that month, don’t you? Well, hopefully you are feeling much better today.

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