I am so very sick with a head cold or something (maybe someone ran over my head with a truck when I wasn’t looking??)

Anywho — because of that, and because these things tend to make the rounds, I will be pretty random for the next several days…

*sigh* and my birthday is today… (so begins our birthday marathon around here…)
me 7th
Abbie 14th
Sean 16th
Seamus 25th
(poor Quinn has to wait until January)



  1. http://Glass%20Half%20Full says

    I am sorry. In the past month we’ve been thru TWO cold!! Blah.

  2. http://Jenean says

    Happy belated birthday! I’m visiting from the Faith Builders site. My birthday was on the 7th also, and I have several friends AND family with birthdays in October :) I think God likes that month, don’t you? Well, hopefully you are feeling much better today.

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