If you can think of a title for this one, you deserve an award…

OH! I have so very much that I want to blog about!

~Like the awesome sermon by our guest pastor at sunday’s service (Topic: Train up a child) – You can see it online here if you’d like. It’s the May 6th sermon. Trust me – it’s well worth your time! And while you are there, check out any of the other sermons from our wonderful pastor, Robert Morgan.

~Like the Luis Palau Nashville CityFest coming in 2 weeks – What a powerful, awesome festival coming and presenting the Word and Love that is Christ to this city! Please pray for Nashville in the days ahead. That the Lord will bless this festival and that people will be drawn to Him and His message. What is Nashville CityFest ? Read the answer here. TobyMacJeremy CampSteven Curtis ChapmanBarlowGirl! and VeggieTales! (and more) all in one place!

~Like the fact that this week is Teacher Appreciation Week. Skip to My Lou has some fun, yummy, cute inexpensive ways to show your child’s teacher some love and appreciation. And while you are there, look at some of her other crafts and activities. Who knew all of the super cute things you could make from McDonald’s drink holders!!?! And a Toll House Pie recipe? Be still my heart…

~Like Britney Spears’ Comeback 2007 tour… movin’ on ya’ll (but if you want to read a great/funny commentary on it, read this article. My favorite quote from it:

“Unlike Anaheim, however, Spears didn’t distractingly chew gum during her all-too-brief onstage appearance. Granted, her mastication did prove to naysayers that she could, in fact, chew and shake her rusty moneymaker at the same time, but it still showed a lack of seriousness that has characterized so much of what she’s done in recent years.

(In Spears’ defense, she may have learned the dance routine with the aid of her Hubba Bubba, resulting in an interior monologue that sounded something like, “Hair flip, hip jut, chomp, chomp, chomp, grind, bump, chomp, kick, shuffle, chomp, chomp, chomp, gyrate, chomp.”)”

~Like the fact that we are stuck in regards of names for the new baby… We had a girl’s name picked out (“Maeve Elizabeth” – I’ve wanted to use Maeve since pregnant with our second – but all boys…) Our boys both have authentic Irish/Gaelic names, so we can’t really “settle” for Bob or John for this one… And also, trying to figure out how to go about the whole blogging announcement when the baby is born… I’ll want to share the name. So, I’m considering using the kids first names. Can’t decide… (side note: this paragraph is a perfect example of my overuse of ellipsis… see!??!)

I could write entire posts on any of these things. And I probably will in the days to come… So watch out!

And Finally: Answers to question you may have from other posts: (briefly)

~No, we didn’t get to see Spider-man 3. We didn’t have time during the day… and trust me, with the size of our family, we will only be attending matinees.

~No, we haven’t found a house YET. But we are positive. Our lease isn’t up until the end of July. So we have time. I know that God is working things out… Continue praying, please.

~Yes, Seamus is all recovered from the croup – no more seal barking.

~Possibly? Seamus may finally be calling Sean some form of “daddy”. We haven’t figure that one out for sure… But he can “meow” now. He’s obviously got a fondness for the cats.

~Yes, I found some good resources and answers to my question of Satan’s powers/lack of power. But if you didn’t read the comments on the post you missed the links to the articles I found, so I wanted to provide them. They are from John McArthur and Randy Alcorn. (Randy Alcorn’s is not long available)

Are you still reading this??!!?? REALLY?!! Well, thanks.

Happy Monday!


  1. Ah, the dot dot dot. So handy….
    Maeve Elizabeth! Well. I approve.

  2. Melissa says

    I love the ellipses (…) Use them ALL the time. As Beck said, they’re handy. And so darn cute!

  3. Barbara H. says

    Yes, I did read all the way through. :) I do keep up with you on Bloglines though I don’t often think to comment.

    Loved the Teacher Appreciation Ideas!

  4. Barbara H. says

    P.S. — I just tagged you for a “7 random facts” meme. :)

  5. YOU are soooooo funny! and you’re also a TERRIFIC blessing. i love ya karla. xo shalom.

  6. I love your blog. And the girl name you picked out…so pretty. Maybe you’ll have to have a 5th to get you use it! :)
    I posted about teacher appreciation today, too. (I used to be one…)

    Have a great week!

  7. Oh, I just loved this post, and I tried thinking of a title the whole time! Didn’t come up with one, though. You had me at “Toll House Pie” though.

    And thanks for the MacArthur and Alcorn links. :)

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