If you are a girl or know a girl – please read

I came across an article by Nichole Nordeman on her site that I just had to share. It is such a good read. And I love the transparency and authenticity of these women.

Armed with a guilty conscience and CCM’s permission, I was compelled to ask some other artists if they, too, might wrestle a bit with the irony that we are trying desperately, through our music, to point to the liberating love of Jesus while packaging that music in a way that points to…well…us. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if anybody wanted to talk about that pressure. I feared silence. I feared the Jerry McGuire office memo moment. Would my fellow artists talk about real life?

Thirteen interviews later, to say that they were honest is an understatement. I awkwardly asked for a couple inches…and miles later, was humbled by the transparency of my peers.

read the entire post here.



  1. Elizabeth says:

    i am in the middle of reading the article and am very touched and moved as i deal with many of this in my own life…this image that i MUST maintain.

    Karla, thanks for sharing this…

  2. PamperingBeki says:

    I love her voice.

    Off to read the article.

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