I wonder if He likes the service?

This past year (2005-very early 2006) was C.R.A.Z.Y. for our little family… financially, we were turned upside down on our heads (and thrown down a couple of flights of stairs, onto a concrete floor, for good measure.)

This has been hard to admit to people, except that so much came out of it that can’t be shared without giving the backstory. I have been so completely, and utterly amazed at how the Lord works through everything. And this year we were reminded that He is with us even through the storms.

This part-time job has continued to reveal the Lord’s graciousness and goodness. The interesting thing about waiting tables is that you can have a busy night and low tippers, Or you can have a slow night with high tippers. Or somewhere in between.

When I waited tables in college I fer-sure needed high tips, cause, like, I totally had to go out to maintain my social life, ya know, and like, if I didn’t get those high tips, I was like, TOTALLY bummed out, cha know? I felt insulted and angered when customers left tips that didn’t add up to the quality of service they received.

Now, I am (a lot) older, and (I hope) more wise and I know that what I make in tips helps our family out.

Therefore, each time I head into my work for my shift, I hand my work over to the Lord.

See, with tips, I have no control over how much I make. It could equal out to $15.00/hour or $6.00/hour… In other words – it is so “random” I can’t do anything more than rely on the Lord — or “wait” on Him. So, I always pray that the Lord will see to it that I get the tips I need. It’s like manna from Heaven. I know that I am receiving the amount the Lord ordains. No less, no more.

When I have a busy, hectic night with (crummy) low tips, like last saturday, I am able to let it go. I don’t grumble (much).

And then I have nights, like tonight, where the night is sooooo s.l.o.w. and yet customer after customer gives these crazy (good) tips.

We’ve gotten so used to living hand-to-mouth this year, that when something like a “good-tip-night” happens, I am reminded that the Lord loves to surprise us with things we aren’t expecting. I know He enjoyed watching me count my tips at the end of the night and giggle to myself that He is so awesome.

Remember to look for the Lord in even the most common, everyday thing!

On a totally different note, the kids had a blast trick-or-treating. Sean said that they were worn out and actually asked to come home. Sean said he would say something like “there’s another house with the light on” and they’d just groan and say “we’ve got enough candy already.” (yes, you read that correctly — in other words, my children, my flesh and blood were saying, essentially, “Please dad, please, no more candy!” — they must get that from their dad’s side of the family ;-)

Quinn has LIVED in that costume since sunday afternoon. He takes it off for bed and as soon as he is up, it’s back on again.

And dear heavens, I wish you could get a good look at the pirate in front, complete with ruffled shirt and bandana. He doesn’t have his pirate booties on in this photo, but you can bet your bottom dollar he had ’em.

None of us could tell what Abbie’s costume was when she picked it out (a fairy costume with kitty ears?? And with cowboy boots, none-the-less!) but she looked beautiful in it. I cannot get over how she is growing.



  1. http://Beck says

    Your children are adorable! It was so cold here last night that our youngest trick-or-treater was taken home early.

  2. http://Rhonda says

    She is Princess Kitty Yee-Haw. That’s quite obvious to me — especially since I have a niece who creates and names her own characters like that. :) One of my favorites that she does is a waitress at a restaurant named Carrie-mel Seafood. She’s also the owner. It must be a small place. :)

  3. http://Adventures%20In%20Babywearing says

    Beautiful post. Great perspective. I never was a waittress (don’t you have to have coordination to do that?) but I had friends that were and learned to be a good tipper from them, and my husband is even more generous! It’s nice to look at it as a way of blessing others, too. I hope you continue to be blessed abundantly!

  4. http://Dionna%20Sanchez says

    You are indeed blessed, Karla. I know that it’s in the times where I don’t get or have everything I want – that sometimes the true blessings shine through. :)

  5. http://Susanne says

    Your kids look sweet! What a great post. I love how you said that the Lord likes to surprise us sometimes. Thanks for coming by my place and leaving me a comment today!

  6. http://Big%20Mama says

    Your kids look darling. I love all the costumes.

    Thanks for sharing some of your story. I love to hear how God is blessing others.

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