I just can’t think of a catchy title for this one

Honestly, I don’t have too many unusual online shopping places. I do ebay and amazon, of course. I used to do all of my shopping online. But for the past few years, I haven’t done much shopping online or off. But I love to look.

I love looking at etsy and Indie Collective.

And I’ve been itching to try Amazon Groceries. Their prices are good and you can get free shipping.

Vermont Country Store is fun, because you can find so many things that you probably didn’t even know they still made…


  1. http://THE%20OTHER%20HUSE says

    Great! Yet ANOTHER thing to get me hooked on. Thanks a lot, Karla!


  2. http://Beck says

    I LOVE Vermont Country Store. I especially love horrifying my husband by telling him that I’m going to buy all my clothes from there from now on.
    I so envy your ability to order from Amazon groceries! I can’t. Because I am Canadian.

  3. http://Crafty%20Carolinagirl says

    I’ve never seen the Indie Collective. Thanks for the link!

    I also love the Vermont Country Store. They have great food in their catalog, especially my favorite HP Sauce.

  4. http://Phyllis%20Sommer says

    ooh i’ll have to check out the indie collective more often….thanks!

  5. http://Sarah says

    being a local business owner i just wanted to say, don’t forget to shop locally. The internet is great, i shop there too, but I try and make sure that I am getting things that I can’t find locally. Local businesses support our communities in more ways then just tax dollars and when it comes to produce, local is better for the environment. I don’t mean to preach, but we get frustrated with people who buy things on the internet, but then come to us to fix, alter, adjust, put together products they buy online, they won’t support us with their money, but they want our knowledge.

  6. http://customer%20service says

    Dear Customer,

    “Thank you for your generous comments about The Vermont Country Store. We too feel shopping at The Vermont Country Store is fun! Keep checking with us as our Hard To Find products change with each season.We always enjoy hearing from our customers and hope you will visit again soon.”

    Laura Dunham
    Customer Service Manager
    The Vermont Country Store

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