I hear Billy Joel playing in the background

First off, y’all are so sweet. I feel so silly when I get to thinking about stuff like stats and subscriptions. But y’all are sweet and true enough to remind me to just be me. ~thanks

(Now I’ve got that Billy Joel song swirling around in my head. “Don’t go changin’ to try to please me… I love you just the way you are!”

Okay, gag, I can’t carry a tune in writing either.)

Moving forward.

My home (except for Declan and me) has turned into another coughing, snotty nose fest. Seamus had it first, then Sean, then Abbie and briefly, Quinn.

We made it through the entire summer without crazy illnesses. But now we are back to the germ-fests…

I have mentioned Abigael’s coughing fits before. I’m still convinced it has to do something with the whooping cough she had 3 years ago. She is dealing with one tonight. They get so bad, that even though she has no other symptoms, she has to miss school. Nothing will stop them. Sean prayed over her back in May, and literally, she had no coughing spells from May until this weekend. For her, that was huge!

So I am awake, and listening to my sweet girl coughing, unable to sleep. It is such a hard thing for a mother to not be able to take suffering (slight as it may be) away from her child.

This illness also coincided with the opening of deer hunting season in Tennessee. Sean was determined to be out there in the field. So, imagine his dismay when he came down with a cold. He is not one to take medicine. But this weekend he took more meds than I have witnessed him take combined during the entire 10 years of our marriage.

And so our hunter made it out to the woods all weekend and even tonight. We are looking forward to some backstraps and “deer steaks”. He has been seeing some nice deer, but has been unable to get a good shot. Seeing the deer is a great improvement over last year. He was spoiled by his Wisconsin hunting. Up there, the deer practically jump out at you. For Sean, hunting in Tennessee has been like learning to hunt all over again.


I was catching up on some blog reading tonight and Meredith at Like Merchant Ships has done it again. I love her tips for frugal living. Her home is so lovely and she has the most interesting tips for living beautifully with out paying beautifully.

My mom is wanting to do something with her kitchen cabinets. And when I saw Meredith’s tip, I knew I had to pass it on to my mom. But then I thought maybe some of you are wanting to brighten your cabinets. If so, go check out this post at Meredith’s. If you decide to do it, be sure to post before and after photos!

*updated to add: 5 Minutes for Mom has 2 great giveaways going on now.
They are giving away a PINK Dyson! and a WD Passport Portable Hard Drive.
If you win either, remember how much you all claimed to love me!! ;0)


  1. http://Meredith says

    Awww, thanks, Karla–you’re too nice!

    I was going to add about comments, stats, and subscriptions…don’t sweat it! Sometimes I think about removing my Sitemeter altogether just so I won’t get wrapped up in that.

    I notice that my comments ebb and flow as other people are busy with their weeks, too. I typically read through blogs not daily but once or twice a week, or while sitting with my husband watching a football game on TV.

  2. i like what meredith said about the site meter. i do that from time to time….because i can get easily wrapped up in checking the stats. etc. whenever i get that way i start to question why i’m blogging and maybe i should quit…yadda yadda.

    maybe i will stop blogging — one day — but it won’t be because my stats aren’t so impressive on my site meter.

    i just want to be free of all that “stuff”. ya know?

    love you. xo i’m gonna go check out that frugal site. sounds interesting.

  3. http://Kimmy says

    I really want the pink Dyson. Unfortunately, I’ve looked up the rules for this contest and I can’t enter . . . just because I’m Canadian!
    Oh well. I hope you win.

  4. I hate my site meter….I keep it though….

  5. http://carrie*postma says

    I’m sorry your little lovely is sick…thats rough. I hope you got some sleep! Thanks for the link to Meredith…I just found a new blog to stalk! LOL!

  6. http://Cmommy says

    Hugs to the weary! May you all be well :-)

    Ok, this is gonna cause Sean some pain: we have 11+ deer that run across the road and into our backyard. The doe bring their new fawns into my lawn and eat the impatiens. Yesterday, a small deer was curled up in the grass next to the trampoline and another streaked in front of hubby as he walked the dog. If we lived on 3 acres, Sean would be welcome to bow hunt. Alas…

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