I have another question for you:

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I believe I have my issues resolved in Internet Explorer. One of my widgets wouldn’t wrap properly in IE.

That being said, I am curious:


  1. http://Melanie says

    The redesign is awesome!!

  2. http://TLC says

    Commenting so you know what browser I use (and maybe others) I use Flock. I like it, and it works well.

  3. http://Karen says

    Love the new design. I guess I need to switch to FF…everyone swears by it. :) Change is just hard, but your blog looks perfect in IE now.

  4. http://Beck says

    All fixed!

  5. http://Michelle%20Smiles says

    Detest IE. I’m always shocked when I look at my stats and see 80% of my readers still use IE. But I guess if it is all you know and it works for you…

  6. http://sasha says

    I use Firefox because it is more functional and secure than IE. Plus, blog designs look great in FF :)

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