I hate to say it…

I really didn’t start blogging to watch and count my comments. In fact, I wasn’t much concerned with the # I did or didn’t receive, until they dropped off like lemmings running off a cliff…

And they have…

So, you leave me no choice:

Let me know who you are here, already! This is National De-Lurking Week. I know you come by my blog. Please say “hi.”

Let me know what brings you back day-after-day to my little corner here (mom, you don’t count ;) you have to come by…)┬áCome on… you can do it… scroll down a liiiitttllle bit further, and click on that “comment” button. You can do it!

Blessings, K


  1. Hi Karla. Yes, I visit…and admit I don’t always leave a comment….I lurk sometimes. However, I do LOVE your blog….I have read many inspiring things and contiue to find interesting and insightful topics. Thank you for taking the time to write good things for us to read!

  2. The Flip Flop Mamma! says

    I totally keep forgetting to post something on my blog about this!!

    And I totally need comments! I love comments! Lol!

  3. My feelings about my comments are sort of funny – I like to think that they don’t matter, but the second they start dropping, I’m upset. Your blog is wonderful – and I’m sure your comments will come way up as soon as people discover your lovely writing.

  4. My feelings are the same Beck… When they start to go down, you wonder what is causing it.

    My style doesn’t hold a candle to your writing! We may be a lot alike, but I’m you without the cool lovely words!

  5. sguidinetti says

    Hi Karla! Do you remember me? Stephanie Garrett. Was it 5th grade? I know it was sometime in our very younger years. I found the link to your blog on TJ Alumni and the rest is history. Your blog is very uplifting. I like it. I am new to this very addicting but fun blogging world so I had not left a comment… still wondering if you remember me…

  6. I come, I comment, I come back! :vD

    Your blog is such a nice mix, Karla. That’s why I like it. There’s inspiration, family stuff, sense of humor. A nice place to come and have a coffee.

  7. Barbara H. says

    I can’t remember now how I discovered you, but I have you on my Bloglines, so I read whenever you have a new post. I don’t always think to comment, though. And I try to remember that when my “blog stats” say I have readers, but I only have a few comments (except for the weekly memes like “Works For Me Wed.” or the Saturday Photo Hunt, etc.)

    I haven’t had the experience of having a lot of comments which then dropped off — I’m still in the just a handful of comments state overall (again, except for those weekly meme posts.) I’ve had (still have) the struggle, too, between wanting my blog to be just what the Lord wants it to be, and trusting Him to bring the readers along that I can be an encouragement to, yet still craving those comments. And I struggle with whether that’s “self” wanting attention, or whether that is the nature of writing, which is at its base a form of communication, so naturally would have the desire for that communication to be two-way. I guess maybe that will always be a struggle.

  8. You know, Karla, I come here because I love your blog. I’ve been so hopelessly caught up in my crazy life, which I hate because I like things calm and they surely haven’t been calm for a couple of weeks, that I’m hopelessly behind.

    I don’t visit blogs and not leave a comment. The only time that happens is when Mr. Blogger is being difficult. And then you know what I do? I keep a running list of my friends whose blogs I read and couldn’t comment on and I keep going back until I can.

    I love your blog because it’s uplifting. You’re obviously very intelligent and I love the way you express yourself.

    The whole “counting” thing will make you crazy if you allow it to. Sometimes the blog world just gets a little out of whack. So don’t take it personally.

    I do wish everyone who reads us would take two seconds to let us know they were there. I’m not fond of the “nice post” comments but really, it’s not that hard to tell someone that you read what they wrote and liked (or didn’t like) it.

    I totally understand. Do not get discouraged. You’re all good.


  9. Karla, I love coming to your blog because not only do you post things people can use or need to know but you always have something great to talk about. I am always interested in what you have to say and what is going on in your world. Also, the fact that you are a great christian and that you inspire me so much and I really do appreciate all that you have taught me.
    Love, Angie

  10. Hi Karla, I just found you from Zimbio. Cool blog.

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