I don’t think it’s possible to top my binder idea… But the photos below will make up for it

I didn’t think that I would do another Works for me Wednesday… I didn’t think I had any good ideas for it. But over the past week I’ve run down my mental list of ideas and things that have worked for me and my family over the years.

This is another simple one (I guess they all are, really… isn’t that the point):

When my daughter started school, she wanted a locket necklace for keeping a photo in. This could be a WFMW in itself, because it was a great idea for helping her feel secure during those first day of school jitters.The problem was, where do you get a photo that small? I could have spent hours trying to resize a photo to print out and fit properly in the locket. But I happened across the index sheet that came with some photos I had printed a few years ago. (the printer I have now also allows me to print out this same type of sheet)

These photos were the perfect size for putting into the locket.

I suppose I could just use my software and resize them to this tiny size, but it’s a guessing game to do it that way.

And you know what? My brain just can’t handle that type of pressure these days. Seriously? I worry that my brain would just completely shut down from the overload.


I wanted to post some photos that I have been meaning to get up…

This photo is of me with the kids at the hospital. How I hate that it came out so blurry… At least it took. The new batteries Sean ran to purchase once I was settled in at the hospital, never worked. So the photo of the doctor holding Declan? Yeah… that didn’t take…

My sweet girl holding our newest sweet babe:

One day I will have a photo of Quinn without bruises and scabs and such… maybe…

I love this blanket Declan is in. I want one for myself.

Can you say “FLIRT”? How about “sweetness”?


  1. I love the pictures! Please post more!

  2. Good tip but GREAT pictures. :)

    Duckabush Blog

  3. isn’t is always shocking how much older kids look after a new one arrives or when you have been gone at least a day! the other thing for me was how much heavier anysa felt after luke arrived; like it was no big deal hauling her around when i was pregnant, but afterwards, it was like she gained pounds!

    the kids are precious!

  4. Look at your beautiful, beautiful children! You have such a gorgeous family – and I want four kids, too!

  5. aint that the way it is for us mamas? people are continually telling me how BIG shiloh is…..and all i see is a little baby when i look at her. :) reminds me of that scene in “FATHER OF THE BRIDE” (have you seen it?) where the girl (who is engaged to be married) is telling her daddy that she’s getting married and all the daddy sees is a 6year old.


    LOVE LOVE LOVE that pic of you and your kiddlets. SO SWEET. beautiful.

  6. Your family is gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing! OH, and I love love love the tip!!

  7. Your family is beautiful…the joy on their faces is priceless, too!

    Great tip–now I know what to do with the mini sheet that comes in my shutterfly orders! Um, now I need a locket….

    ps: I jump to the dessert sections of the cookbooks, too!

  8. Such a beautiful family, Karla!

  9. Such cute pictures of very beautiful children. Declan looks like a perfect little baby doll. And you simply amaze me with how well you are doing. I hope I will be able to do as much as you when my 4th little one arrives.

  10. Mrs. Brownstone says

    Very cute kids!


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