I don’t care what I have to write about, as long as it moves that last post down the page

All week I have had plans for my Fight the Frump post swirling and twirling around my head. It is the perfect post. However, you won’t be able to read it this week because I didn’t take photos. And the posts screams for photos.

So I am quickly scrambling for things to write about for FtF this week.

I’ve gathered some basic makeup tips – Things to avoid.

be careful

too much




  1. http://Kelsey says

    Great tips if I ever saw any haha

  2. http://Robin says

    Since I’m not really blogging this week (I’m at the beach and our condo has wifi, and I’ve posted a Travel Diary, but haven’t been reading much), I had to pop around to make sense of this. And you’re cracking me UP!!!

    And pictures of Mimi? They’d make you forget everything you ever knew!

    (Cute post :) ).

  3. http://It%20All%20Started%20With%20a%20Kiss says

    But but but… aren’t orange and blue the trendy summer coordinates??

  4. http://Susanne says

    Great tips and the pictures will certainly help to stick them into my mind! LOL.

  5. http://Abbreviated says

    Kathy from the Drew Carrey show went on a USO tour to Iraq.

    She listed all the pin ups that had traveled with USO in the past conflicts. Raquel Welch, Marilyn Mondroe…etc.

    Then she said & you guys are stuck with me ! Never knew I’d be a pin up ?

  6. http://Heather says

    When the Motley Crue picture popped up I was wondering what this post would be about :) ….. I think I might try the lips in the last picture. Oh yeah, I’m NOT supposed to do that ;)

    Have a :) 4th of July!

  7. http://megs%20@%20whadusay says

    The pics along with your tips made me laugh – fun post!

  8. http://Sarah says

    You are hilarious. Great shots. Like Robin, I am not REALLY blogging this week since I am on vacation. Glad to see you are going strong! Take care.

  9. http://Beck says

    GREAT advice.
    Particularily the NO EYELINER AROUND YOUR WHOLE EYE bit. I know some lovely women who do that, adn they look like Deputy Dawg.

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