I couldn’t be more stumped

I suppose I could be. But frankly, I have about 500 things staring at me from my to do list, and so I think today is the day to introduce you (or reacquaint you) with some fun youtube/jib jab videos.

I may be back with my usual mediocrity later in the day.


I love The Upside Down Show (on Noggin) (Noggin PLEASE put it back on at a reasonable hour!) Shane and Dave are also known as the Umbilical Brothers (and did the theme for the children’s show Maisy):


I could watch this all day and still giggle just as hard. Be sure to watch through the end:


Mrs. Foo-saypants got me caught up on Jim Gaffigan’s humor. I can’t tell you the number of times Hot Pockets goes through my head at random times each and every day:


I just want to snuggle these two (you have to be able to hear it to appreciate it; and liking cats won’t hurt either):


This one is so random:


This video was just added on June 20th and already has 5,362,738 hits to it (be sure to watch it in high quality):


And this one? I have no good reason…


  1. http://~%20Straight%20Shooter%20~ says

    Love, love, love the new header! The kitty videos were great!
    Did I mention I loved your new header?

  2. http://moosh%20in%20indy. says

    I don’t watch videos! But I watched these. The dance one has me in tears, it’s so beautifully amazing.

  3. http://HRH says

    I liked that last one. I don’t know why but it cracked me up.

  4. http://Brenna says

    Just for a bit of trivia, the Umbilical Brothers actually provided the voices of the characters in Maisy. I’m not sure they did anything with the theme song, if that’s what you meant.

    Thanks for posting the Umbies video on your site. David and Shane are incredibly talented and awesomely nice men. If you haven’t checked out their site at http://www.umbilicalbrothers.com, you should!

  5. http://Elizabeth says

    karla…these were SO MUCH FUN. I laughed so hard with the kitties & the cublicle construction & SUPER HARD with the mascot…totally laughing out loud. The dancing one was my ultimate fav though. I was tearing up even…I get touched by strange things that bring me to tears…like the first time I saw shamu at sea world. no, I was not 5…I was 27! I bawled and my husband scooted away from me.

    Anyway, the dancing one really spoke to me…we’re all the same aren’t we…everywhere, all around the world…

    THANKS for a great post!

  6. http://Lisa@BlessedwithGrace says

    We love Jim Gaffigan, also. My husband will randomly start saying “hot pockets”, over and over. That cracks me up. So, thanks for sharing all these fun videos and making us all laugh. This would make for a good “Life doesn’t suck so much” post over at Mrs. Fussypants! Everyone needs a good laugh.

  7. http://Rob says

    Karla, I just found a cool to do list. It is called tada. http://www.tadalist.com/

    Laurie and I can make a grocery list and use our phones to select what we already have in the cart as we shop. We also make lists of things to do around the house, before we go on a trip and so on

  8. http://Alli%20~Mrs.%20Fussypants says

    Foo-say say “Caliente Pockets”

  9. http://sarah says

    Love the new header! Good job. Great videos too.

  10. http://Amanda says

    I love the new blog layout. The videos were hilarious! My fave was the tormenting mascot, but seriously, who has that kind of time on their hands?

  11. http://Melanie%20@%20This%20Ain't%20New%20York says

    My husband thinks Hot Pockets are so gross. He calls them Hot Sockets.

  12. http://Jenn says

    My three year old loves The Upside Down Show. Actually anything that is upside down he calls The Upside Down Show. :o)

    I was watching the Hot Pockets video and my husband made me start it over because he loves Jim Gaffigan’s hot pocket stuff. We were laughing out loud.

    I was glad you had Matt dancing on here. I saw it a few weeks ago and had been meaning to show my husband.
    Fun times. :o)

    The husband is now heading over to You tube to have me watch more Jim Gaffigan’s hot pocket stuff.

  13. http://care-in says

    Thank you for helping me waste time and having a good laugh while doing so!!

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