I better keep the barf bag from the airplane, just in case

As you read this, I am probably up in the sky in a plane (didn’t you know I sprouted wings?) headed to North Carolina for SheSpeaks. I am flying out a day early and will be staying with The Nester (if you didn’t hate me when reading my post yesterday, go ahead and hate me now.)

I am so excited and thrilled and nervous and excited and nervous and happy to be going. (Only one out of every 100 thoughts are me worrying that someone will realize they made a mistake giving me the scholarship. Before, it was one out of every 6 or 8… so I am getting somewhere)

If you think of it, would you mind saying a prayer for me throughout the weekend? I am totally stepping into a new realm and it is only through my faith in the Lord that I can even think about it without also wanting to throw up.

I’m taking my camera and I’ll have my laptop, so feel free to leave me any words of encouragement in comments to help me.

I love you all, my sweet internets!


  1. http://Sarcastic%20Mom%20(aka%20Lotus) says

    You are such an amazing woman. You are going to do great!

    So exciting. :-)

  2. http://Arianne says

    It will be even more amazing and inspiring and empowering than you even realize. Have a blast, and I’ll be praying…

  3. http://~%20Straight%20Shooter%20~ says

    You look fabulous, you are eloquent under pressure, you are gracious and kind…you are going to knock ’em dead!
    But, if for some silly reason, you do lose your cookies, daintly wipe the corners of your mouth, step over it gingerly, and stride off the stage gracefully…then run like *#@! to the nearest exit. We’ll all be here for you if you need us to the bloody end.

  4. http://Alyssa says

    It’s 3:15 am Thursday morning. I fly out at 1 pm today. Yes, I’m nervous and awake too. See you there!

  5. http://Meredith says

    Thinking of you, friend! You can do this!

  6. http://Beth%20(A%20Mom's%20Life) says

    First of all, I am completely jealous that you get to stay with the Nester! I live less than an hour and a half from there and I know the town she lives in.

    If you see a deranged looking lady with two kids in her car driving around really slowly, that will be me trying to spot all of the cool people that will be at She Speaks.

    I am kicking myself for not going…especially since I live so close.

    I will be praying for you and all the ladies that will be at the conference. Please think about all of us who are left at home wishing we had been able to go!

  7. http://Kelley says


    I have stumbled upon your site in the past. You know how that happens and then, later, you can’t find it to save your life. That’s what happend with you and I; though technically you had no idea.

    Today, as I found you again through The Nester, I have two things to say…

    First, you’re staying with The Nester? How jealous am I? I’ll answer that…..VERY!!!

    Secondly, as you know, Nester sent us all to your April post about the “haves and have-nots” and I just can’t begin to tell you how awesome that was. Thank you so much for perspective. Those pictures were taken in my area of town actually (one I even recognize from my own neighborhood). This area is filled with lots of affluence (I believe that statistically it is the 12th wealthiest County in the US). I pray that those who “have” know from where their blessings come and give generously to those who “have not”. I also am reminded that those “have nots” might very well have more love and happiness in their home(s) than all that square footage could hold.

  8. http://Michelle says

    I hope you had a good trip. No way they made a mistake giving you the scholarship! Maybe I’ll be able to offer some words of encouragement in person at She Speaks. I’m so excited!!!!

  9. http://chickadee says

    just came here from the nester and your blog is so pretty. i love the nester. i’m so jealous you’re meeting her. hope you have fun.

  10. http://Rachel says

    Karla, you’re an amazing woman and there’s no way they made a mistake.
    God led you to them and them to you. Period.
    Big hugs.
    Lots of Love.
    Kick Butt chickie and have fun with The Nester.

  11. http://Soliloquy says

    You’re going to do GREAT – and the rest of us are living vicariously through you – so don’t leave anything out!

  12. http://traci says

    WOW..YOU get to go see the NESTER????? You are going to have sooo much fun….by the way, congratulations.

  13. http://Lalena says

    What a fun adventure! Enjoy!

  14. http://Bev says

    I hope it settles down enough that you are able to enjoy the whole ride. Good for you for being there!

  15. http://Cmommy says

    Forgive me for feeling jealous :-)! I can’t wait to hear about everything!

  16. http://Jenn says

    You will fit in beautifully at the conference – you are a gifted writer. Looking forward to hearing about it and seeing lots of pictures. Enjoy some Karla time – kid free.

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