I am such an amateur…

Today was ‘the day“: Abbie’s Kindergarten Winter Wonderland Party.

I should have known better…

I’ve been around the parenting block several times. Heck, I’ve even lapped some people.

I see how parents go “all out” for things.

So why, oh why, was I surprised when I walked past other kindergarten classrooms today and saw all of the straight out of Pottery Barn Kids elaborate decor gracing all of the other rooms.

Not Abbie’s room.

Let me reiterate: I am not crafty. Creative: yes. Crafty: no

There is a difference.

I like to think I did a good job of working with what I had (which consisted of white bulletin board paper, blue construction paper and some paper trees I swiped borrowed from the hallway, and some blue candy canes — which I so cleverly hung from the ceiling. Stop snickering — the kids thought they were cool dangling and torturing them like that hanging apple game we’ve all played at halloween.)

But all of the other rooms had glittery snowflakes and tinsely tree centerpieces, music… It was like being transported to The Nashville Holiday/Christmas Gala…

But my daughter was proud. She smiled the whole time “braggin’ on her mom.” Beaming like a Christmas star.

So, now, I understand how Charlie Brown’s tree must have felt when all was said and done.
Simple. But so appreciated and loved.


  1. And that’s all that really matters is the happiness in your child’s face at what you did for her. Good for you for taking on the challenge.

  2. I feel your “pain”. BUT – It sounds like your daughter was very proud. Ans that really is what matters most.

  3. Yea!!! I’m finally able to leave a comment. I thought I’d been shut out forever.

    I bet you did a great job and the most important thing was that your daughter was proud. Nothing else really matters.

    How I appreciate being creative but not crafty, that sentence sums me up.

  4. The Flip Flop Mamma! says

    Well, I’m sure you did great! All you have to worry about is impressing your own kid…and maybe some of their friends. Not the other mom’s in the other rooms, although it is hard.

  5. Just remember who the party was for. It wasn’t for the adults and the children, I’m sure, were no more impressed with the extravagance than your party.
    Love ya,

  6. I can’t imagine that it was anything less than terrific, especially in the eyes of the children. You can do more with blue construction paper and paper trees than I could do with all of the decorations found at Pottery Barn.
    Love you,

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