How to sweat off 50 pounds in one afternoon

To start, make sure that you pick the hottest day of the year:
{+ humidity}
Then head to a place where everyone is dressed in wool clothing:
Add in some standing around doing some Q&A:
Well, not everyone did that. But who can blame him – he’s wearing wool! in the summer!
ooo… pretty chair. warm water.
Then move out of the tiny little speck of shade and into the sun:
to watch the men in wool stand in the sun and shoot cannons:
Try to ignore the fact that you are melting and take photos of your precious children sweating themselves into dehydration:
Then find yourself envying the men in the wool suits because they get to sit in the shade:
Back to cute sweaty kids:
(she’s a junior ranger; she takes it very seriously)
After being drug out of the cold bathroom where you tried to hide and cool off, head to the car and realize that the air conditioner isn’t working and it’s still hot:
Drive home with the windows all the way down for the 45 minute drive:
DSC_0589 DSC_0588
Swear you will never ever ever ever leave the house again. At least until the next time you need to quickly lose 50 pounds.

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  1. Michelle Smiles says:

    Well…I’ve been complaining about this water retention thing I’ve got going on…I guess dehydration might be one way to rid myself of some of it!

  2. Susanne says:

    Your daughter is adorable! I don’t handle melting well at all either.

  3. jennifer, playgroups are no place for children says:

    HA! My husband used to drag me to those things, but with our kids, I overrule. However, I haven’t won the battle of windows up or down yet and my hair always looks terrible!

  4. Goodness that is hot. You should not be outside if it is that hot unless you are laying by the pool.

  5. Kim @ Up North Mommy says:

    Hey, I want to sweat off 50 pounds, too!

  6. I like it… “The Civil War Re-Enactment Diet”

    Looks to hard for me though.

    cute post!

  7. She is so gorgeous! You look darlin’ even all tousled and sweaty.
    if that worked, I’d be a size zero.
    I feel you darling!!


  8. Christy says:

    I just found your blog and seeing your pictures brought back memories of a similar story. My son LOVES Civil War history and he attended a military camp for a couple of days in Franklin, Tennessee. Anyway, the night of the closing ceremonies it was SO hot. Maybe I should have checked my before and after weight!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Karla, what great pictures even though you were sweating like crazy. I could never make it at one of those reenactments; just riding through Gettysburg on the weekends makes me sweat because everyone up there is dressed in wool at the different museums.

    Joce W.

  10. No AC? That is a serious situation!

  11. You want civil war re-enactment diet? Chemise, corset, three petticoats, stockings, black boots, and a dress that weighs 20 lbs and has long sleeves and a hig neck.

    Then, you have to cook over a hot fire for dozens of sweaty men.

    But you know what? It’s so much fun. Those afternoon naps in the shade between battles were my favorite.

  12. ~ Straight Shooter ~ says:

    Those offspring of yours are bee-u-ti-fulll!

  13. Mommy Cracked says:

    Wow…that made me hot just looking at those pics!!

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