How to survive a bad hair day


My hair is an extension of my personality. And when it is out-of-synch with how I feel or how I want to portray myself, I struggle with feeling attractive. (I know – that’s some shallow water I’m swimming in.) Even if it is a nice hair style, if it’s not me, it’s not me.

When I googled “bad hair“, it led me to lots of sites that said the best strategy for coping with a bad hair day is to [wait for it… it’s really profound… wait…] prevent them in the first place.

Well… let me think about that…


That is about as helpful as saying the best way to avoid an accident is to not have one.

What does that do for me when I am staring at myself in the mirror and STILL can’t manage to get my hair-style-gone-awry corrected?

I decided to brainstorm a quick list and then I want y’all to add to it in comments.

I know y’all have ideas. You are a smart bunch of people.

Here are my ideas:

Cover it up – use a scarf or a hat

Pull it back – with a headband, bobby pins, clips or ponytail

Don’t wash everyday – this falls under the prevent them in the first place category… it doesn’t help much when you are looking like the Bride of Frankenstein and have to be out the door. But I’m always amazed by how lovely my hair looks the next day.

Wear a pair of super cute shoes and/or skirt or pants to distract people from your hair disaster.

Now it’s your turn. What works for you on a bad hair day? How do you cope? Do you tell jokes about it? Ignore it? Crawl back in bed?

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  1. http://Erica%20@%20A%20Woman%20in%20Business says

    Funny. I woke up late this morning so I am definitely having a bad hair day as I have missed my “Glam” time! Usually I just throw my hair in a ponytail on days like this and dream of the days when I can go to the beauty salon weekly to have someone else bother with it :)

  2. http://Megan%20(FriedOkra) says

    I have a water bottle that delivers a nice fine mist – I flip my head upside down and carefully spray the roots and then blowdry things back into place with my roundbrush. It’s still not perfect, but it’s … better.

  3. http://Kim%20H. says

    Love, love, love not washing my hair EVERYDAY – except it can get a little greasy – like you kinda-want-some-fried-chicken greasy. Anywho, I use a little baby powder around my face near the rootline and that helps absorb the icky stuff. A way more expensive idea is to use OJON’s shampoo in a can – it’s a quick alternative to a full shampoo when you don’t have time.

    Can’t wait to poke around some more!

  4. http://The%20Domestic%20Goddess says

    One of the positive sides of long hair is the ability to put it up and hide it in a pontail or bun. Wait, I always wear my hair up. Back to fighting the frump….

  5. http://Michelle%20Smiles says

    I’m in a period of my life that I don’t really care. I hope to care again someday…but right now I just make sure my kid looks cute and hope everyone will pay attention to her. For me, I use clips, headbands, and ponytails when my hair isn’t cooperating.

  6. http://Alli%20~Mrs.%20Fussypants says

    My hat! ;)

  7. http://mah-meeee says

    oh my goodness! are we on the same page or what? my fight the frump today is about hair accessories!

    love you post as always.

    happy friday!

  8. http://Carrott says

    My bad hair day fixes are just like everyone else….although I need to find a cute hat like Mrs. Fussypants’ to give me a bit of variety.
    Off to check out the hair…hopefully it is a good hair day!
    Thanks for the tips!

  9. http://TAMI says

    My mom used to always make my brush my hair BEFORE I went to bed. She said this would prevent it from being too tangley and messy in the morning. I don’t do it anymore and the “messies” didn’t seem to agree with her theory!!

  10. http://Domestic%20Chicky says

    A pair of sunglasses and a great headband/hair wrap does wonders!

  11. http://Elizabeth says

    Well, if it’s long enough i put it in a ponytail. :-) if it’s not i make my frizzies look intentional…you know that ‘i don’t care messy look’ that you work hours to get…mine can come very natural some days. ;-)

    great post!

    oh, my mom bought me a “bad hair day” hat back in high school…don’t have it anymore. ;-)

  12. http://Lisa@BlessedwithGrace says

    Funny that I am reading this now. I just finished blow-drying my hair. This is a long process because my hair is very thick. I have a slight wave. So, if I want my hair all shiny, sleek, and straight then I have to blow it out, causing tired arm syndrome. For that reason, I ususally let it dry natural and have unruly, wavy hair that is pulled back in a headband.
    So, for the days I want the “good hair day”, this is what I do. My hair stylist recommended this product and it works great for me. It is”Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum”. I put a small amount all over my hair prior to drying it. Not only will it help to make it shiny and straight, but for some reason, it will decrease the time it takes to dry my hair. That is one reason my stylist recommended it to me. It can take a long time to dry, even though it is a short cut. So, that is my recommendation for bad hair.
    Hope this helps someone with the thick, wavy hair issue. Sorry to you girls with thin hair. I know you may wish it was thick. My mother in law reminds we, all the time, that my thick hair is a blessing. I try to remember that while I am blowing it dry and suffering from tired arm syndrome.

  13. http://Abbreviated says

    …a perm

  14. http://Tabitha says

    I have bad hair quite frequently because my hair’s curly and has a mind of it’s own. I’ve done what I’m supposed to do (good product, diffuser, don’t wash every day…) yet it still will look frumpy most of the time. Usually I pull it back somehow.

  15. http://Jami says

    Sometimes I get it a little wet again and then blow it dry again – doesn’t take too long because my hair isn’t soaked at this point.

    Hair spray always helps me too!

  16. http://Amy says

    I am admitting some bad hygiene here, but when Em was a baby and I could barely put a comb through my hair (let alone wash it), I would put a little astringent on a cotton ball and rub it on my roots. It helped take away the greasies until I had time to wash it.

    (hanging head in shame)

  17. http://sarah says

    I am all about ponytails if my hair is long enough. Otherwise, I just don’t go out. Just kidding. To help with the summer dryness, I did just buy that conditioning shampoo Wen by Chaz off the infomerial on TV. Good stuff. I’ll have to review it next week and tell ya’ll lovely ladies all about it.

    Take care and Happy Friday!

  18. http://Melanie%20@%20This%20Ain't%20New%20York says

    Tell people you and your kids played beauty shop.

    Draw in a nice, big pimple to draw attention away from the hair.

    Stay home and sob uncontrolably.

  19. http://Samantha%20@%20the%20Listeners%20post says

    I’m a big fan of disciplining my hair much like I do my children – it goes in “time out” in a ponytail or a hat (if it’s really bad). I’ve been known to use hair wax for the fly-aways that show up, especially when they decide to act up on the day of a speaking engagement.

    I think I’ve come up with something worse than the bad hair day, though. I posted about it back in January. It’s called the “mediocre hair day”

    In Him,

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