How not to be a Twitter nit-wit

When I first signed up for Twitter last year, I really didn’t know what to do with it. Really, I was just being a sheep – following the lead of some of my blogging friends and my brother-in-law. So my account sat there with 2 or 3 friends for a long time.

Since the first of the year I have slowly become addicted to it. And I’ve learned my way around it and in the meantime found some great tools to make it more fun and helpful to use.

Maybe you are in the same boat that I was. You have an account, but just don’t know how to use it.

Well, guess what! Today I’ll be your Fairy TwitterMother.

(I have now increased my level of dorkiness 10-fold)

Twitter has been very helpful on many levels – I have been able to quickly ask what a substitute word is for something I am writing. Or where a link for something is that I misplaced. People on Twitter are always looking to help.

Add in a dash of silliness, and you’ve got the potential for non-stop fun. Consider yourself warned. And if your house suddenly starts becoming neglected, the laundry pile reaches the ceiling and dishes go unwashed for days, pretend you didn’t hear it from me. kthanks.

TweetWheel is an easy way to see who you have in common with the people you follow. You enter your Twitter name and it loads up all of your friends. It then creates a wheel to give you visual image of who you have in common with your Twitter friends. A great way to find new people to follow. But also, just fun to see all of those links to each other.

TwitterVision gives you a world map view of what is being twittered around the world in real time (at the moment). For me, this is so fascinating. There is something surreal about seeing glimpses of people around the world at any given time. One way to use this tool, is for finding people in certain areas of the world to follow. For instance, if you need information on a particular topic and it’s regional, find people twittering in that part of the world and follow them. Then twitter away.

Twistori – this is simply a fun tool. It is an “experiment” that allows you to follow Twitters about Love, Hate, Think, Wish and Believe.

Twhirl – I found myself going to my Twitter page throughout the day, and found it distracting and disruptive. I’d often check it only to see that there wasn’t much conversation going on at that time. Twhirl has been time saver. Not only can you reply and send direct messages without having to type @_______________ , but it also pops up a message each time a Twitter is posted from someone you are following. It’s a nice subtle message in the lower right side of your screen. So no more popping on and off Twitter all day. Some may find this distracting – but I find it to be less disruptive than completely stopping what I am doing to check.

Twitterverse – looking for people discussing a certain topic or theme? Click on a word in the word cloud and find a long list of Twitters that include that word from up to 10 prior hours.

TwitBin – Do you use Firefox? (If you don’t, you should!!) You can use TwitBin to Twitter right from your Firefox browser.

This is just the tip of the Twitter Iceberg. There are tools for your phone, tool after tool for your browser… the list is long. But I find myself using these the most often. My personal favorites may change one day, but for now, these work well for me and allow me to feed my Twitter addiction and remain productive.

By the way – If you want to follow me, you can find me here.


  1. HA! Great post.

    Only one thing…
    I love twitter, deeply and passionately.

    We are engaged.

    Just so you know, k?

  2. beyondjems says

    Karla: Just found you on WFMW. Your post rocks! I love it. I’m a Nashvillian (Franklin actually) blogger myself. I just started following you on Twitter and will be adding you to my blogroll if you don’t mind. If you would like, I’d be honored if you would add me to yours as well. I’m also on Twitter at beyondJEMS. You may get this a lot, but since we are both local, I’d love to have coffee and chat blogs, kids & life. You can reach me on my blog: Thanks for such a great post! Amy

  3. Oh, thank you Twitter Godmother! I was hoping you would come! I’ve been feeling very much like Cinderella, watching everybody else go to the ball while I stay home and mope! Now I can finally put on my twitterin’ shoes.

  4. Crafty Carolinagirl says

    I have never heard of Twitter before; I guess I am out of the Twitter loop. Off I go to open up an account!

    P.S. DId you get my email me a few weeks ago? If not, let me know. I seem to be losing emails lately!

  5. Laura from LaLaGirl - Twinfinite Chaos says

    I’m just now figuring out Twitter. I’m such a good little sheep! It’s a lot of fun. If you want to find me, I’m lalagirl727.

  6. Well, aren’t you just the cutest little fairy twitter mother? :) I’m just starting to use it because, well, because I don’t ever rush into anything that’s cool. I’m the opposite of cool, I think…whatever that is. So thanks for the twitorial.

  7. Abbreviated says

    So twitter makes a thesaurus obsolete ?

  8. You know, I dutifully twitter occasionally but I still don’t know quite WHY.

  9. SHOUT OUT to a fellow Twitterer! HIGH FIVE on backing up a fellow christian blogger!

  10. Darren Rowse says

    nice tools. I found twitter wheel yesterday but it ground to a halt and I never saw the results. Not sure if it was my twitter account or twitter having problems.

    Will have to check out Twitterverse though – not seen that one before!

  11. Grant Griffiths says

    I have found twhirl to be the best tool to use for posting to and following people on twitter. Glad to see you mentioned it too.

  12. Great post! Problogger posted this on twitter that is how I found you. I re-tweeted it to my friends. :)

    I am going to send people here who have been talking about twitter on some different groups too. Thanks for putting this together!


  13. Thanks Fairy Twittermother!

    I have Twhirl installed but always forget to turn it on, but I actually post mostly from twitter mobile:

    Looks like you’re bound to get a bunch of followers (including me) because of Darren’s tweet.

    Much Success!

  14. glorybeam says

    Ditto to Beck and Darla. I know it helps with social networking, and it can improve my blogging audience, but I keep thinking I’m wasting my time not improving my actual blog.
    I guess it’s a discipline thing; sigh… it always is.

  15. Phil Baumann says

    Thanks for the tips. Didn’t really get Twitter, and I get it now…I still haven’t unleashed its power (having “got it” I can see its addictive power).

    But I can see just how much more potent a tool it is than is often recognized. You just have to twit a bit to see it.

    I’ve used Twhirl & it definitely makes things easier. And Twittervision: well, it’s just plain cool.

  16. And you look lovely too!

    Thanks for your post – I was wondering whether to join Twitter – and now I will!

  17. Thanks for this. I definitely needed it. Like many of the others I got here via Darren’s tweet too, and I’m glad I did.

  18. Phyllis@Aimless Conversation says

    Hello…I found this all very helpful as I am a beginning twitter-er. =) I can hardly wait to try these tools. Thanks!!

  19. New to twitter – wandered here through several blogs – thanks for the help.

  20. baby~amore' says

    great post I have to learn how to twitter … and I only asked my friend last night and she didn’t know either.
    Timely post.

  21. R.L.Scovens says

    Hi there! Great post! I’ve just joined twitter and looking for interesting bloggers to follow! I’m there @ rlscovens.

  22. Kim Priestap says

    Thanks for the post. I just downloaded Twitbin.

  23. BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) says

    Resist the Twitter, resist the Twitter, resist the Twitter! ;)

    Still haven’t signed up for it but I totally love your Twittery Fairy persona.

  24. designerHER Momma says

    a little late on the draw here…but loved this post!

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