How I spent my Thanksgiving (aside from cookin’ in the kitchen)

I was up until 1:30 in the morning working on that puzzle. I thought Thanksgiving turkey was supposed to make you drowsy.

We all started working on it after dessert. But the kids were soon dropping like flies, leaving Sean and I to work on it by ourselves.

That great big tree there? I think it is the spawn of some evil ugly thing. Not because it is an ugly tree, but because tree bark ALL. LOOKS. THE. SAME. And that isn’t helpful when putting a puzzle together. Add to that the fact that there are some shadows on that evil tree and that snow all looks the same too, and that some of the pieces fit together even though they didn’t go together, and you have a recipe for some good ole fashioned insanity.

And I must have fallen victim to it. Why else would I have stayed up, insisting on finishing this when everyone else had the sense to get to bed at a decent hour, nice and toasty snuggly?

{still tweaking}


  1. http://Carol says

    It’s been a while since I’ve lost myself in the frustrating joy of a challenging jigsaw puzzle. A good thing to lose sleep over!

  2. http://Kelly%20@%20Love%20Well says

    But I bet your brain is as sharp as a tack now, eh?

  3. http://Jolanthe says

    Karla –

    Your new blog design is looking great! Love the winter edition. :)

    I have a puzzle hiding in my closet – hiding away from me so that I don’t do the very same of staying up and forgetting to sleep. I tend to get a little too involved. :)


  4. http://Stephanie says

    I tried doing a puzzle. Once. I got to the end of it, and realized that the last piece didn’t fit. I must have put a piece that was similar into the wrong spot. There was no way I was going back to figure it out! I admire anyone who can sit and do a puzzle like that. For me, its a form of torture!!

  5. Well I think the puzzle is great….I loved it. And your new look is awesome…very Christmasy….

  6. http://crafty%20carolinagirl says

    I love puzzles! Great job on the tree.

    I actually picked out a new puzzle while shopping this weekend, but have to wait to put it together until after Christmas. :)

  7. http://Susanne says

    At least you hung in there. I would have dropped with the kids. Puzzles are so not my thing.

  8. http://dcrmom says

    Ooooh! LOVE the new template!!

  9. http://Megan@SortaCrunchy says

    Love the new look, too, girl!

    I cannot do puzzles anymore because I torture and torment myself with obsessing over them until they are DONE.

    (Hey, I finally got to answer your Q&A question for me today!)

  10. http://Beck says

    Your page looks beautiful!
    And I’m too impatient for puzzles… I’m so lame.

  11. http://Mrs.%20Fussy%20Fussypants says

    Love, love, love the 3 columns and the winter header.

    My green header is getting so old! I think I ay update for December myself!

    You gave me inspiration, Sistah.

    And, no, I’m too busy ignoring my own laundry! ;) Laundry is the spawn of great evil! OK, Laundry and pinworms- that is the spawn!

  12. I have not been to visit since before Thanksgiving. I love your new header – so pretty.

    Sorry to hear about the pinworm and the uncomfortable dance you had to do with other child’s mom. Our job is not so fun sometimes – huh?

  13. http://Becky%20Wolfe says

    Giggle! Glad you had a challenging thanksgiving. I’m sure you’re THANKFUL that it is finished. I love doing puzzles too but I like easy ones. None of this blue sky or white snow stuff. Unless the shape of the pieces are unique. But thank you, you’ve given me a project for tomorrow!

  14. http://Sgt%20and%20Mrs%20Hub says

    We were all wishing that someone had the foresight to have brought a puzzle to work on over Thanksgiving. But, we did not. Next year perhaps.

    Your puzzle is beautiful – they are completely addicting, aren’t they.
    We have a huge one that my husband and brothers did a few Thanksgivings ago that we modge-podged and framed. We get so many compliments on it!


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