Holy Cow?


*any boys reading this? — run in the other direction from this post*

I keep forgetting to mention that I am working on Beth Moore’s “A Woman’s Heart” (God’s Dwelling Place) bible study. Wednesday was our first night of meeting together.

For those of you who have done this study before, Beth has updated it this year, even redoing the videos.

Anyway, there were several new faces, so our leader had us introduce ourselves and also tell what animal described us in the morning and at night. Most people mentioned a sloth; a few mentioned birds.

My initial thought for myself was a Tasmanian devil. I am not the most welcoming person in the A.M.

But as my turn drew closer and I looked down at my little guy sleeping in my arms I knew exactly what described me best.

So, I introduced myself and stated that the animal that best describes me is…

…a dairy cow.

Anyone relatin’?



  1. http://Kelli says


  2. http://Big%20Mama says

    Girl, I have been there.

    And I’m doing that same study this fall in my Bible study. We’ll have to compare notes.

  3. http://Susanne says

    That was really funny! I’m glad I didn’t have anything liquid in my mouth or it would now be all over the monitor. :v)

  4. http://Megan%20(FriedOkra) says

    But you’re a mighty purty dairy cow, Rosebud… :)

  5. http://Mari says

    I remember those days. Some parts of me have never been the same!

  6. http://The%20Flip%20Flop%20Mamma! says

    LOLOLOL!! That is hilarious! You are too funny!

  7. http://Becky%20Wolfe says

    hahaha – good one! I would have to say a bear for me. Not that I’m grumpy, I am just better off left alone…and those around me won’t get growled at.

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