Hi Feed Readers!

I am the Queen of Misusing apostrophes. I, place, them, at, the, wrong, place, all, of, the, time…

BUT, I have been working on it. (isn’t this something most people seemed to have learned in 1st grade? Did I fall asleep that day?)

So imagine my horror when I looked at the previous post in my reader and saw WHO’S honkin’ truck, rather than WHOSE honkin’ truck. I’ve corrected it, but there it is in all of its FEEDREADER GLORY, still screaming at me.

Since I’ve started writing on the internet, I’ve become a nervous wreck when it comes to punctuation, as evidenced by my overuse of the ellipse… … … … … … and the exclamation mark!!!!!

I’m sure that there are no less than 100 commas misplaced or missing in this post alone.


  1. http://Vintage%20Dutch%20Girl says

    I share your punctuation sickness…


  2. http://Jenn says

    I worry about proofing issues so much that I ask my husband to edit all my posts before I publish them. I just wish he could follow me around and proof when I leave comments on blogs. ;o)

  3. http://Jungles%20Wife says

    I’m so insecure about grammar, punctuation, and spelling skills that when I see someone do something differently than I would, I assume I am the one who is incorrect. (Is that a run-on sentence?)

  4. http://Reynie says

    I used to care about it, but then I realized that I am just so bad at all of it that there is no fixin’ me! To me, the grammar snobs can hate me and kick me out of their club. I’ll get over it. I ain’t smart!

  5. http://Beck says

    I’ve been known to, misuse commas.

  6. http://Fuschia says

    How on earth are we supposed to type EMPHATICLY without the use of…ya know, crazy punctuation…lots, of, crazy, punctuation?!!!!

  7. http://HRH says

    oh how I love the dot dot dot…

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