Her daughter Doesn’tSpeak

Before I left for SheSpeaks last week (can’t stop talking about it), Abbie was concerned about me leaving.

This is extraordinary for her, because usually, she just acts like she doesn’t even know me when I am trying to tell her goodbye. This time, however, she was laying on some thick gloppy pity – "I hardly knew you" (*snort*), "We are gonna be orphans" and my personal favorite: "I wish I could get up a 4:30 to go with you".

Come on! Really – is there anything worth wishing you could get up at 4:30 for?

When I first arrived at The Nester’s house, we got so busy gab gab gabbing that I totally forgot to call home. For all my family knew, I’d gotten stuck in a toilet stall in Memphis, so I called quickly, right as we were getting ready to sit down for dinner and told Sean I would call back to talk with the kids.

When I called back, I blathered on and on while I thought I was waiting for Abbie to get on the phone.

Finally, Sean said, "Abbie doesn’t want to talk to you."

::awkard pause, while I waited for him to laugh::

"Seriously. She doesn’t want to talk to you."

"Are you serious?!?"

"Yep. She is afraid she will miss you too much and will get upset again."

She did not talk to me until I called to say I was heading to the airport.

At least she didn’t pee on my clothes, like my cat did when I went away on a 2 week trip in college.


  1. http://Sarah says

    Kids say the darnest things. Okay, that wasn’t too original but it seemed fitting.

  2. http://Beck says

    Ah, she reminds me of my own dear girl. They’re funny!

  3. http://Beth%20(A%20Mom's%20Life) says

    She sounds like a very sensitive soul. I’m sure she was very excited to see you when you got home!

  4. http://Kelly%20@%20Love%20Well says

    My kids will NEVER talk on the phone to people they miss. They actually run from the phone when I hold it out and say, “Dad wants to say good night to you!”

    “AHHH! No! No! I don’t want to talk!” they shriek.

    I didn’t know there was another path.

  5. http://Elizabeth says

    a tragically cute story!

  6. http://Jenn says

    My son hates it when my husband goes on business trips. He really gives him a guilt trip. Must have something to do with growing up because he did not even notice his dad was gone on trips until he started Kindergarten.

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