Help a mutha out

My daughter is a mess.

Not in a mental sort of way! But in her housekeeping/organizing. I’ve tried many different ways to help her stay organized. Her tendency is to shove into all corners of her room. I’ve placed a plastic drawer thingy (yes, they sell those) into her room, hoping to keep her drawing/story papers organized. But it only ends up being a drawer she shoves things into.

Again with the shoving…

Do y’all have any suggestions for keeping a child organized?

On another note, I’m off to make some crock pot apple butter!


  1. Help her sort through her things – one of the ways that I keep MYSELF organized is to make sure that I just don’t have too much STUFF!

  2. Anonymous says:

    At 65, I’m still not organized at all…bet that’s not a surprise to you. My house is in CHAOS…Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome.

    Mrs. W.

  3. Maybe this is just a personality thing, and trust me, as person who herself is organized, neat and tidy, I’m one mommy who definitely is frustrated (like you) by my boys’ lack of organizational abilities. I keep hoping that they’ll follow my example, but alas, they have yet to do so. Actually, in all fairness, my youngest (6 year old) son DOES seem to appreciate order more than his 8-year old brother, and I can see some potential in him to take after me. However, I don’t have any real suggestions for you, just understanding. I know how you feel. I really do.

  4. Nobody in this house is organized. So it’s no surprise that my daughter is a mess.

    While she’s out of town on a field trip, I’m taking matters into my own hands in her room. She’ll probably have to go to therapy later over this, but she can’t find a thing. Not her new clothes. Not her clean clothes. Not her homework. Not her notebook paper. The matter is urgent.

    My thinking is that if I get rid of the stuff that doesn’t fit and get the floor where you can see to walk, she’ll have a chance to keep it straight herself. I’m overwhelmed as I look around. There’s no way she can fix this mess.

    I’m wrong to do it when she’s not home. That’s also the only way it will get done. has helped me a lot. I now have areas of my house that resemble normal human living spaces.

    I realize that this isn’t helpful, and I’m sorry. Just wanted you to know that you have company.

  5. You know, I was a mess when I was young and so was my sister. My mom had a deal that it was our space and she would not mess with it…no matter how much it drove her crazy. It was important to her that we not feel like our space was violated or that we had to be someone we weren’t.

    I can honestly say that now my sister and I both are as type A as we can be and we can’t stand being messy anymore. Maybe it was the freedom of learning this on our own that helped so much.

    Hang in there- this too shall pass :)

  6. Hey…I think there’s hope. My daughter is 9 and is just NOW starting to keep things tidy. But she was anything BUT tidy for 8 years. LOL! I hated cleaning her room–I’d find so much junk, food, paper, you name it–crammed into every imaginable space. But this summer, we worked on her room together. I let her help me organize and we painted a bookshelf, and hung up some fun stuff on the walls, and she loved it. Now she loves keeping it clean. Maybe it’s because she’s 9, maybe it’s because she had a part in decorating, I don’t know, but something “clicked” with her and I am so thankful!

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