Have you been bitten?

I’ve had several people contact me about my Fight the Frump posts. Most of the response has been positive. But there are a few who have expressed concern over the fact that, while funny, the focus of these makes them feel bad or worse about themselves. They feel/worry that the focus of these posts is all about self-focus.

All of this got me thinking…
Somehow, we seem to equate trying to take care of ourselves with selfish thinking. And then this got me thinking about something that Beth Moore says in the Daniel bible study : from p. 26 –

They (Daniel , Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego) learned the language, literature, and customs all right, but only so God could use them in the midst of it. They read the language of their culture with the lens of God. Thereby, they became culturally relevant without becoming spiritually irrelevant. Against all odds, they retained a God-centered worldview so that ultimately the world could view their God. Amazing.

It is true that if we obsess over what we wear and how we fit in, then we are focusing on the wrong thing. But there is nothing wrong with a healthy perspective on fashion and style.

Now, with that said, I’m gonna Fight the Frump Frugal-Style!

Having style does not have to cost a bunch of money.

Amount of money spent does not equal good taste.
TONS of Money wasted spent + tacky taste = expensive tacky taste. Want proof?

Spring fashions are starting to come into stores! How can we fight the frump and not break the bank?

Here are some ideas:

Have you heard of Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker? If not, you are missing out on some great buys on quality clothing. (The spring collection has not been released yet, so these examples are from the winter line, but they are super cute nonetheless.)

Check out this Not So fuzzy math: You may not be able to read the tiny writing under the photo, but those numbers I added on are correct! $27.00 for the ENTIRE outfit!

This top: $8.98

Jeans: $8.98

Next week, I’ll still be Fightin’ the Frump frugal style. You won’t want to miss it.


  1. Mrs. Fussy Fussypants says

    I did not grant permission for you to use my Grammy’s photo.

    My stylist swore that dres would be a hit! Sheesh!


  2. Great post, Karla! Love those prices. Now if I can only find them in plus sizes… any ideas?

  3. I have heard of it but not found it anywhere. I guess I need to google…

    Fun post!

  4. They do come in sizes 2-22 I THINK! At Steve and Barrys! I didnt find a lot for me, but I was looking for some work clothes, and it had pretty much been picked over when i went to look. The mall I went to is going downhill.. so check it out anyway!

  5. I love the part from Beth Moore’s Study. I so totally agree. I hope no one feels that way after reading my “Fighting the Frump” If they do I am so sorry I did not mean it.

    By the way love the outfit you chose.

  6. I adore BITTEN! I just got a pair of jeans at Steve and Barry’s a couple of weeks ago and they’re soo cute and really flattering!
    I can’t wait to go back for the spring collection!
    Great post!

  7. fullheartandhands mama says

    Great post!

    I love the Bitten line. I’ll be checking it out again once I’ve lost a bit more baby weight.

  8. Sister Honey Bunch says

    I have a really hard time paying full price for clothes. Those are some great prices though.

  9. That line isn’t carried in Canada! Wah!

  10. I think I love you!!

    The last time I checked the nearest Steve and Barry’s was in Denver. Utah gets no love from great shopping.

    I just went to their website! THEY BUILT ONE! It is in Murry, which I don’t have the foggiest idea where that is but I think a Mommy-Only road trip is in order!

    Can’t wait to check out their spring clothes!

    Thanks for the tip!

  11. Just finished Beth’s Daniel study a couple months ago. Awesome.

    That’s interesting you’ve received some “concern” about looking good=self focus. Yeah, it can be that way if its extreme. Very true. I don’t think wives/mamas naturally tend that way though… usually our husbands are very grateful that we take the time to look nice! It’s an effort well worth it for the marriage and respect for our biblical calling as a wife/mother… not for vanity.

    Great post and clothing idea!

  12. Great post! I have to go find that line!

    Tamra, that’s a good point that this blesses our husbands and marriage. When hubby comes home and I’ve been fighting the frump, it usually makes his day.

  13. Great insight about self focus!

  14. I have had the same concerns about my fashion posts. I am afraid that it might appear that I am too obsessed with outside appearance, especially since I don’t usually share much of what goes on inside, not that there is nothing inside, lol, but because I prefer to keep that to myself most of the time.

  15. Megan@SortaCrunchy says

    I have heard of Bitten, but where to find it? What’s Steve and Barry’s? Come on, there’s gotta be a Texas hook-up somewhere!

    There definitely is a fine balance between presenting yourself respectably and being consumed with it. I find the best way to keep myself in check is just ask my husband. I don’t like to wear make-up, but I constantly ask him “Are you SURE you don’t mind that I’m not wearing make-up?” He is always honest with me – even when I ask him about what I am wearing.

    Anyway, sorry to ramble. Good posts and discussion though. Keep it coming!

  16. I love this post. Taking time to make ourselves look good is pleasing to our husbands, and remember, men are visually stimulated. And many of us fall into a rut, I know I did. I was just looking at an old picture of myself and wondered, “how did he ever put up with that?”

    Anyway, my point is, by making ourselves more pleasing for our husbands to look at without becoming obsessed and vain, I do believe is glorifying to God.

  17. Love, love, love Beth Moore’s words.

    I remember years ago meeting a friend of my mom’s who watched a corny Christian TV talk show. I couldn’t stand to watch it because the hosts dressed in such a ridiculous way. It was embarassing. When I mentioned this to my mom’s friend, she said that God uses the foolish to confound the wise. Yes, indeed He can and does. I mean, look at what John the Baptist wore.

    Yet I feel it’s so much more important (and for me, beneficial) to be culturally relevant, and Beth Moore’s words just really nailed it.

    I’m no fashion diva, but I do know that we don’t have to be frumpy to be godly.


    You go, Karla.

  18. I just bought 2 pairs of black dress pants and three shirts all priced at 8.98 at Steve and Barry’s. The only bad thing is her button down shirt are not wrinkle free cotton. I have to break out the iron!!

  19. P.S.

    I hope my words (above) did not come across as mean-spirited or judgemental. That’s not my heart at all.

    God doesn’t judge us by our outward appearance, and neither should we.

    But I’ll surely take me some of those adorable Bitten outfits.


  20. Frugal is good. VERY good. I’ve heard of these, too but I didn’t know they were that cheap! I guess a trip to Steve & Barry’s is in order. You can’t get $8.00 jeans at that store that ryhmes with Tal-Cart!!


    It’s strange that people are feeling worse about themselves, when I kinda see the that point of this whole thing is to make people feel better. It’s not selfish to take care of oneself – either inwardly or outwardly. And I always feel a little better on any day that I’m having non-frumpy moments. JMO!
    Love the post!

  21. Oh my goodness. I love the Sarah Jessica Parker clothes! I hope they make it to Canada (at those prices, too . . . that would be excellent!)

  22. Cindy Swanson says

    Girl, you really know how to spot a bargain, don’t you! Great outfit! I love the Fight the Frump posts. I’m all about trying to look as good as I possibly can within my limitations. I certainly don’t want to descend into frumpiness…or to be a “schlumpadinka,” as Oprah says. :)

  23. Elizabeth...mommy...etc says

    I love, love, love SJP’s BITTEN collection. I was wearing one of her shirts today, as a matter of fact!

  24. Props to you on another great FTFF post. I had forgotten all about SJP’s collection. Thanks for the tip!

  25. Great post—I have no idea what Steve & Barry’s is or wear to find the Bitten line here in the Deep South…

    Love your bog; love the Beth Moore quote (though don’t always agree with her theologically); and agree with so many of your readers that there is noting wrong with wanting/trying to look good. In fact, when I go to a little extra effort, it is so noticed that it makes me realize I need to make it higher on my priority list. It’s especially important to model it for my girls so that they see it is good to take care of oneself.

    And to that poster above, if you have asked your husband *MORE THAN ONCE* if it’s OK not to wear makeup makes me think that you KNOW you need it, and he is just an especially kind man. If you’re over 25, you need it.

    I know all may not agree with me, but it;s just a little bit of extra trouble and “a cheerful countenance” is important—so why not let a little Lancome help spread the cheer? Just my $.02

  26. TracyMichele says

    I hadn’t heard of Steve & Barry’s, nor had I heard of Bitten (yes, I live under a fairly large rock!). I am SO excited to see there is one just minutes from my house. Could it be that I can FINALLY afford a new outfit on my fantastic SAHM salary!? THANK YOU for posting this!

  27. Sister Seven says

    Now THAT would fit my budget!

  28. Straight Shooter says

    Karla, You remind me of Beth Moore. In looks, fashion, kindness and as a very humorous witness. I hope I offered enough flattery for you to consider a meme I tagged you for. If not, no worries, I still mean every letter typed. You are my blogging hero!

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