Has anyone built their own home?

I don’t mean having someone else build it… I am talking doing it yourself.

We are looking at some property and considering building the home ourselves. We totally re-did our home in WI (I’m not talkin’ new paint and some new flooring — I’m talkin’ ripping out walls and ceiling and adding on etc.) So, we aren’t afraid of that aspect.

What I am wondering is: options for living while building. We’ve thought of some options but are kind of stuck. We’ve thought about buying a cheap, but clean, trailer and living in it, on the property while we build. Or, building the basement and finishing it and living in it while we build the rest (I know people have done that, but HOW? How do you keep the rain and elements out?)

I’m going to research around on the internet, but I thought you all could be could resources of experience.

If you’ve built a home, or know someone who did, what were your/their living arrangements while you/they did the building?

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  1. The Flip Flop Mamma! says

    Oh my. I do not have or think that I will ever have the patience to build a house….or the skills for that matter. I don’t really know anyone else who has either. I’ll be praying for you though!!!

  2. We had big plans – BIG PLANS! – to build out on my parent’s property while living in a yurt. Thankfully, our Victorian Wreck came up for sale, because we never finish aaaannnyyything that we start. So that’s not helpful, is it?

  3. Hey Karla. We built our house four years ago. We actually put a trailor on our land even before that to live in while we got “ready” to build (by that, I mean until we had the money) and we ended up living in the trailor for 5 years! We put the trailor up for sale about the same time we started building and well, it sold before we were ready so we had to do something. We bought a small and cheap camper. We put it on our land where we already had a big storage building. We ran electricity, plumbing, and even cable to it, had a phone line put it the storage building,etc. We put all our belongings in the building and lived that way for a few months. BTW, did I mention that we had a 3 year old and that I was pregnant and this was the middle of the summer in a very humid Alabama? So needless to say, that after a couple of months, this was NOT working for me! Some friends of ours let us stay in their partly finished basement. It was better than what we were in but we were so glad when we finally got the house finished and could move in. We ended up being in their basement another couple of months. AND, this same set of friends just recently sold that house before they had even started building on their parents’ land. They ended up with doing some make-shift living until they got their house basement and framing done. Then they moved into their basement and lived in it while the rest of the house was being finished…in fact they are still in it for maybe a couple more weeks then they will be ready to move in. If you want to email her for more information, I’d be glad to pass that along, just let me know. Hope this helped!

  4. We built our house and had to rent for a while. It was about 10 or so minutes away and we had to go out every day to approve or decide on something which was a pain. (It was winter, mind you) My brother in-law did the majority of the work so he was there to approve basics. If we had built in the summer months we would have preferred a trailer/motorhome or something so that the driving wasn’t a factor. And… the kids would have been able to spend time getting to know the neighbours kids while while we built.

    One thing – don’t move in until you are done. It is too easy to either stop, slow down or begin to not see all the undone work.

    We did it and our next door neighbours built after us and are still living 2 years later with unfinished things. I think we both underestimated the tiredness, factor that sets in at the end of a project like that.

    No matter how much you wanna move early unless you are totally disciplined – dont do it.

  5. Michelle-ozark crafter says

    Sorry but I am not much help!

  6. Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) says

    OH MY!!!! I sure hope it all works out for you – how FABULOUS that would be!!! But oh my goodness – that will be a ton of work – AND with the new baby! You are a MUCH STRONGER woman than I am!!!!

  7. Terri @ In His Hands says

    Wow, how exciting to build your own home! I’m no help but I’ll cheer you on!

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