Happy 4th

We had our church picnic sunday and I got some cute shots of Seamus. The other 2 were too busy running around to stop for photos. I need to get some fast action film to get their photos. (p.s. – I added some photos of the quilt on the last post (here) — this is pre-quilting; I still need to layer it and quilt it)

I’m really struggling with finding enough time in the day to do all of the things I want to do (do I hear nods of understanding??) I’m insane-o with the “how-to” books from the library: how to take good photos, how to sew, how to design for print… yadee yadee yadee

On top of that I have bible study and my usual daily bible reading.

Oh, and the kids. I do have three of them and they need my attention.

This is an area that needs serious prayer. I want to learn it all, but I can’t. My kids need me. That is my priority during the day. But I have this internal drive to create too.

So, I’ll be praying for wisdom. What does God want me to create? How does he want me to use my time daily.

Did you realize that the same power that rose Christ from the dead is available to us daily to get through our days??

I’d be crazy not to take advantage of that.



  1. http://Anonymous says

    Loved the pictures of Seamus and his rosy cheeks. Would love to give him a big snuggle right now. Your quilt is beautiful. What great corners!!! Hugs and kisses to all.

  2. http://Anonymous says

    Miss you and think about you often.
    I love the pictures… You have been blessed with such beautiful children.

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