hangin’ low

We are supposed to get a doozy of a storm this afternoon. It sure is windy, but I don’t know what we’ll get.

Abbie was having a tea party outside with one of the neighbor girls and when she came inside we had to have a talk (over a cup of hot chocolate) about when someone says “if you don’t _______, I won’t be your friend.” She is such a sweet girl and such a little free-spirit and this neighbor girl was wanting to tell her what to do. Abbie had other ideas, so this girl made the aforementioned comment. I’m glad Abbie didn’t give into that. She let it all roll off her back — meanwhile I was having to bite my lip to keep from saying something…

Mandy, our sick kitty isn’t doing so well. I’ve been having to feed and water her with a medicine dropper. She is too weak to do any of the things she normally does. The vet says she is having kidney and liver problems. (Her ears are yellow — a sign of jaundice).

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