Handy Dandy Wipes

After Abbie was born I learned quick time saving cleaners. I usually keep containers of baby wipes sprinkled throughout the house for those impending diaper catastrophes. But they are also perfect for quick cleaning around the house – wiping counters, shining faucets, buffing dirty sneakers… I’m sure you’d be hard pressed to find a spot in my home that hasn’t been cleaned by one of these handy things.

I also keep them in my car to wipe it down while waiting to pick up my daughter or at a stop light.


  1. LifeatTheCircus says

    Great idea! My girls LOVE to “clean” with wipes… I’d have to keep them out of reach or I’d be all out when it was time to wipe for real!

  2. Michelle Smiles says

    I keep a container on the dining room table to clean the child’s face and hands after a meal…and yes they are used for other random things too. Love wipes! Not sure what I will do when we don’t need them for butts anymore.

  3. We love wipes here too and use them for all kinds of things!

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