… the past two weeks have gotten away from me!¬†We’ve been enjoying the warm weather and going to the pool is our daily activity. Abbie is back to where she was last summer: jumping in and swimming underwater – she is our water bug. Quinn is enjoying the water, but prefers to just sit on the steps. With Seamus, it is harder for Quinn, because he can’t jump into my arms like he did last summer. Seamus just falls asleep – the movement of the water rocks him right to sleep.

I’ve been working on my first BIG quilt. It looks really nice so far. I had to hand measure and cut all of the squares. They are sewing together really nicely. (The corners are lined up well!) I’ve never sewn anything this big! It’s exciting. Abbie has told me she wants it for her bed.

I had training monday night at the Hope Clinic for Women and feel so blessed from my time there. I can’t wait to begin volunteering there. I’ll have more details in the weeks to come. It’s a beautiful place with a beautiful, eternal mission.


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