So, once again I’ve been MIA (with a side order of exciting news)

I know several of you have asked where I have been and commented that you miss my regular posts. I’m really trying to make an effort to get back to posting daily. Even if it’s just a short nugget of info.

I’ve been trying to get Modern Media Mom off the ground; it seems to be doing well – it’s been very well received and I get compliments on it daily. Now if only I could get companies to take me seriously and give me products to review and try as well. (helloooooo, Apple!) But until then, I’m focusing on having great content that is relevant to people who are just like you and me: not computer engineers, not professors of software design. Regular folks trying to glean as much as they can from this crazy internet.

Now – in the “totally out of the blue” department: I found out on Friday that an essay of mine is going to be published in a real live book. With pages and a cover and everything!

I was approached about submitting something awhile back, but didn’t hold my breath.

So now, my release papers are in the mail. And I will give you more details as they are released and announced.

I’m still shocked and amazed. I have never ever ever thought of myself as a good writer, but I’ve felt nudged in that direction many times over the past year.

On the day that I left Blissfully Domestic, I had three separate people, with no connections, ask me if I had thought of writing a book.

I’m beginning to sense that the Lord has a story that He wants told through me. I have no idea what it is yet. In fact, I want to vomit a bit when I think about writing more than 700 words about anything.

At this point, I need to pray about it more; to seek direction. So keep me in your prayers, if you would.

And be on the look out for more frequent posts from me.

**This post was originally posted on August 25th, 2006** It’s message still takes my breath away every time I think about it…

The most exciting thing happened on wednesday.
First let me back up…
We had the most amazing small bible study group in Maryland. What a fantastic group to know and share, worship and fellowship with. They weren’t just there for you on thursday nights (When we met each week), but helped us move, showered us with gifts when Seamus was born and on and on (plus we had some GOOD EATS everyweek!) When we moved, I knew that this group was what I would miss the most from my daily life.

So, back to wednesday… As most of you know, this past year was brutal. Our move here relieved a lot of the causes. But we’ve still been picking up the pieces slowly. God has given us everything we need. Most weeks, it is just the right amount for in between pay periods – our groceries run out the day Sean gets paid, things come due at the “right time” etc. But this pay period was different. A lot of people have been on vacation at Sean’s work and so he has been sent home early or called off for the entire day a lot. (He worked 52 hours over this past two-week pay period.) Needless to say, the check is a lot smaller this week and we hadn’t been able to set aside for it (at least in an account we can just go and draw from at anytime). So, wednesday morning, this fact was looking me squarely in the face. I had realized that we had just enough to pay our things due… but, oh, yes – we need food! As I was getting ready in the morning I just prayed ernestly for the food. I said “Lord, I don’t know how you are going to do it, but you know we need food and that it will need to last for two weeks. Please provide it for us.” Then I let it go.

This was certainly an area requiring faith, because let’s face it – food just doesn’t appear at your doorstep. It’s not like you can postpone it until next pay period. Ya gots ta eat…

I was starting to get ready to pick Abbie up from school when there was a knock at the door. FedEx had a package for me. I opened it up and guess what?!?!

It was gift cards from our Maryland Bible study group for our local grocery store!!!

Food had arrived on our doorstep! The amount will be no problem taking us through the next two weeks.

It gets better!

Here is the kicker. I try to call my mom — line’s busy. Try to call her cell — busy. Call again — busy, busy busy. I HAVE to talk with someone! So I call my brother (who, along with my sister-in-law are a part of the bible study group). I start bawling. Now, you have to picture my brother — he loves me, I know it, but he is not one who enjoys handling, how shall I describe it, “emotional delicacy”. So, as I’m crying, I’m sure he is kicking himself for answering the phone (I could just see him with that tense-mouth thing he does when he is not sure what to do or say, possibly banging the phone against his forehead…) But finally, as I can speak clearly and ask questions, he begins to tell me the story behind the gift cards.

Long story short — they had been trying to get them to us since May. There was a big mess up with them and it finally got straightened out this week. Just when we needed it. This totally blows my mind! We didn’t need those gift cards before. We would have used them and blown the extra cash.

Truly, truly, truly this is manna from Heaven! Isn’t the Lord awesome in His timing. What I know was a frustrating situation on the part of the group was used to reach us when we needed it the most.

When a word is not just a word

Our pastor has started a new sermon series on studying the bible.

Yesterday’s sermon was on Devotions and how the Lord uses this time to speak to us. The examples the pastor used were what really set the sermon above other’s I’ve heard on this topic. It really drove the message home.

Through devotions, the Lord can speak to us through a word, a phrase, a verse, a chapter or the entire book of the bible.

Following is a quote from his sermon on the Lord speaking through a word. It was so profound and yet so profoundly simple, I just have to share it with you:

Some time ago, I was reading through the book of 2 Chronicles during my morning devotional periods, and one day I came to the story of King Johoram in chapter 21. This was a very distressing story. Johoram’s father had been the good King Jehoshaphat who had worked tirelessly to bring about revival in his nation. Upon his death, Jehoram ascended to the throne and he immediately undid his father’s twenty-five years of work.

To solidify his power, Jehoram massacred all his siblings and married the daughter of Queen Jezebel, the most wicked woman in the Old Testament. He descended into idol-worship, and the kingdom of Judah began collapsing around him.

But having described these multiple disasters, verse 7 (NIV) says, “Nevertheless, because of the covenant the Lord had made with David, the Lord was not willing to destroy the house of David. He had promised to maintain a lamp for him and his descendants forever.”

That one word—nevertheless—jumped out at me, and with my pencil I drew a box around it, and for days and days I was encouraged in my spirit because of that one word. Everything may be collapsing around us, but nevertheless the promises of God are secure. Nevertheless God is in control. Nevertheless He is faithful and His Word is sure. Nevertheless I can trust in Him.

It’s wonderful when a word in the Bible jumps out and assaults you, as it were.

Did you see that?!? Did you catch that one word?

The world may be hard… life may throw one turmoil after another at you… your spouse may leave, your child may walk away from the Lord, you may lose your job.

BUT… NEVERTHELESS, the Lord is still on His throne.

He knows what you are going through. He cares and He hears.

Just reach out to Him.

Courage, and some big news

The Lord’s timing always amazes me. And lots of times His timing shows me His sense of humor.

Those of you participating in the bible study, please accept my apologies for not writing my post on Monday’s chapter. I was experiencing my own hands-on lesson in courage.

There are a couple of fears that I struggle with. Some would seem silly — like the fact that my panic attacks are usually triggered by a fear of throwing up (lovely, I know…) I’ve always been a bit, um, dramatic, when I am sick to my stomach. One of my proudest moments as an independent college student was when I was sick and vomiting while away from home and actually survived!

Pitiful? yes…

My other fear tends to be not having enough money to get by. While I’ve learned a lot about God’s provision and grown in this area, I still find myself worried off and on.

What does this have to do with the Lord’s timing? And what does that have to do with courage?

Well, I’m pregnant. With child #4…

My heart races just writing that. Four seems so…. HUGE!!!

We are thrilled, we are excited, we are blessed.

But one of my initial reactions was fear. Fear that now we’d never get out of debt. Fear that we’d be stuck in an apartment with 4 kids, for the rest of their days at home. Fear that I’d have to wait tables for good, just to afford diapers.

But then I stopped and thought about this blessing the Lord has given to us. This child, that we offered up to Him from the time we were first married. He has chosen us to parent this child. He knows us. He knows our hearts. He knows what we need in order to properly raise this child. He knows all of that. And He still chose us.

It doesn’t make sense to me. From the world’s view, we are crazy; we are over-populating the earth. And we are one more family who doesn’t have a trillion dollars set aside to raise their child.

But God’s way doesn’t always make sense. That is where faith comes in to play.

Because I have faith that the Lord will provide for us and for this child. I have faith that He chose us for a reason. I have faith that He timed this for what is a seemingly CRAZY time to be expecting again, for a reason.

The passage from this first week of study, is a wonderful reminder of the Lord’s promises to us. And it also reminds me of the fact that as long as I am on this earth, in this body, I am not guaranteed an easy ride or things that make sense.

But I DO know that as long as I keep my eyes on Jesus, that I can be confident and not fearful! Courage is not something we are born with. In fact, having courage doesn’t mean we won’t feel any fear. Courage is faithfully moving forward IN SPITE of the fear or worry. And my trust in the Lord will allow me to do just that.

Those of you who were participating, please please please, let me know you are here! I want to know your thoughts on Courage and see how the Lord strengthens you in times of fear. Let’s stay on track with this study. We have a lot to learn…

Blessings, ~K