Good Morning, Charlotte

Let me first report that The Nester is NOT an 80 year old man. She is absolutely adorable. Love her. She is funny and cute and all sorts of other wonderfully positive descriptive words. I already know I will miss her!

I made it safely to Charlotte and I made it without a hitch. Though at one point the latter was questionable.

When we arrived at the airport, I told Sean to just drop me off. I figured I’d just zip-zing along.

Obviously, I haven’t traveled by plane in a few years.

I walked up to the curbside check in and waited in line for so long I thought our Lord might return before I got to the front. And there were only 4 people in front of me.

Imagine my glee when I find out that I could have bypassed the line because I hadn’t been planning on checking any bags. I ended up with a checked bag.

And for that I almost missed my flight. Security was 10 miles long and just when I thought that was over, we turned a corner to be herded head towards the security screening.

It felt something like this:


And I was the one waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back at the end, with only 15 minutes to board. Thankfully, my gate was right around the corner. I made it right as they were paging me over the intercom.

When I arrived in Memphis, I had to use the moving sidewalk. Don’t think for one little tiny second that I didn’t feel like doing this:

How she did those moves without wiping out is a mystery to me. Not that I tried.

{I’ll be reporting more through the weekend.}


  1. http://The%20Nester says

    you would look so normal doing that and I’m sure no one would notice. You must try it on your way home.

    thanks so much for coming!

    as if it were just for me.

  2. http://Katie says

    Haha! That’s hilarious! Remember that video where they jumped on top of the conveyer belts at the grocery store checkout…I always wanted to do that…wipeout inevitable…

  3. http://ocean%20mommy says

    Have a wonderful time at She Speaks! I know God has something very special in mind for you!


  4. http://picketfencemom says

    I just discovered your blog a couple of days ago, but I’ve enjoyed reading back through some of your previous posts! I love your style!
    Have a great time at She Speaks! One of my 17 yo twin daughters and I attended last year, and it was an AWESOME experience! We live in south Georgia, so it’s not too too far. My dh and our six children all made the trip…sort of a mini-vacation. Erin and I had a great time at She Speaks (she got a scholarship last year), while the rest of our crew took in the sights and sounds of Charlotte. I hope to get to go again!
    I look forward to hearing about your experiences in NC! BTW, I know you enjoyed your stay with the Nester! Last year at She Speaks, I was thrilled to finally meet my online friend, Marybeth Whalen, who is on the She Speaks team. That was neat!
    Have a blessed day!
    Amy O.

  5. http://Hooked%20on%20Houses says

    I always try to move stylishly through the airport like this, singing and dancing. What a fun video. -Julia :-)

  6. http://Mom%20in%20High%20Heels says

    That video was awesome! You think anyone would even notice if you broke out into song on the moving sidewalk? I so need to try that. I’m flying to Chicago next month. I’ll bet I could even get ds to sing a little tune while mommy dances. Great blog!

  7. http://Soliloquy says

    That was AWESOME! That took some serious choreography to not run out of moving sidewalk!!!

    You’ll get another chance on your way home. I dare ya’ to do it!

  8. http://Kara says

    Aw, I tried to look at the video but it said no longer available… :( What was it?

  9. http://Elizabeth says

    i’m so jealous! maybe next year for me??? :-)

    FEEL GOOD FRIDAY over at my place!

  10. http://Darla%20@%20UltraBeautyBoutique says

    Well what a relief to know Nester is NOT a man. HAHAAHAHAHA!

    Oh it HAS been a long time since you have experienced an airport. Good times.

  11. http://mah-meeee says

    next time if you are at the security line and your flight is scheduled to leave in 30min, you can just go straight up to the person that works there, tell them your flight is leaving. they will check your ticket and escort you to the front of the line.

    works every time.

  12. http://Jenn says

    You funny girl – good post.

    I am so glad you are there safely. I saw on Nester’s site a pic of the two of you. Really good pic!!

    Enjoy your time at the confrence – looking forward to hearing all about it. Have fun!!

  13. http://faux%20country says

    Hello Karla,

    I just discovered that you live in Nashville. I live in the Leipers Fork area…south of Nashville. I hope you are having a great time in NC.

  14. http://lauralovesart says

    Ahahaha! i love feist…saw her at the Fillmore in san francisco! well have a wonderful time at the conference…i can’t wait to read the rest of your reports on it!

  15. http://care-in says

    Aw…I miss Charlotte, my brother lives there. Just reading how close you cut it to getting on the plane made me nervous.

    Have fun! Charlotte’s beautiful.

  16. http://Carolina%20Mama says

    Yeaaaa, you’re here/there ;) and prayers for you and enjoy SheSpeaks! Can’t wait ot hear all about it. God Bless. Still love your ‘new’ haircut. ;)

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