God’s Miracles

I know that everyday there are miracles that occur all around me. I don’t always acknowledge them or recognize them as such, but just the simple fact that my kids are safe, that I wake up in the morning — simple miracles.

Then something like what we saw happen yesterday occurs and reminds me that the Lord is in control and miracles happen.

We went to the Nashville Zoo yesterday (beautiful zoo) and were on our way home around 4:30 – traffic was becoming a bit congested by then. As we were coming down the ramp to merge onto the interstate, some cars in front of us slowed down. The driver behind us must have been distracted or just didn’t react in time because all of the sudden she swerved, lost control and ended up in front of us and then flipped twice, landing on it’s roof — right in front of us. I saw the look of horror on her face when I glanced in my rearview mirror as she began to swerve around us. She knew something bad was happening. All sorts of baby things flew out of her car and my first reaction was “her baby is in there!”

We stopped to help – Sean had to help break out a window for her to get out and I held her as she walked over to sit. She was hysterical. You could see the different levels of the situation sink in.

We witnessed so many miracles:

her baby was not in the car – she was on her way to pick him up, but the spot where he would have been sitting was smashed.

She should have had a least one broken bone – arm, leg, wrist, something, head injury… But she walked out of the car and only had an abrasion on her upper arm. Her wrist looked like it may have been sprained. Other injuries may have been discovered once she was looked over, but all in all she was fine, physically.

No other cars were involved. There were many, many, many times when our car should/could have been hit and involved as well. But she was the only one involved.

The kindness of others just touched my heart. And I know it did her’s. She kept looking at me saying “thank you for helping me” like she was surprised anyone cared. There were so many helpful people that took the time to see what they could do.

God is good and He watches over us always.
“God is our protection and our strength.
He always helps in times of trouble.
So we will not be afraid even if the earth shakes,
or the mountains fall into the sea,
even if the oceans roar and foam,
or the mountains shake at the raging sea…
…The Lord All-Powerful is with us…”
~Psalms 46:1-3, 7

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