Gobble Gobble (some good stuff)

I love fall.

I love the smells of fall.
I love the tastes of fall.
I love the temperatures of fall.

So, taking a cue from all of the other fun festivals going on around the blogosphere, I am starting my own “carnival/festival” with a fall theme. I am all for some good traditional Thanksgiving food. But I also like to mix things up (much to the irritation of my “don’t-mess-with-a-good-thing” husband). I’ve enjoyed making cranberry-orange sauce… pecan stuffing… pumpkin cheesecake…

And this year will be no different. I’m interested in what y’all are making for your Thanksgiving meal. We all know the tried-and-true recipes… But what do you do differently to make the holiday meal extra special?

Hence: “Gobble Gobble some good stuff!” (get it? or am I gonna be the only one?)

Here’s what it will entail:

I’ll have a Mr. Linky in place on the 15th. On your blog, write a post with your Thanksgiving menu. Include the recipe for at least one of your favorite items for that meal, whether traditional or non. Then come back over here and add your post to Mr. Linky. We are bound to find some good ideas to add on to our menus.

And for those of you outside of the US, feel free to participate too – just include a favorite holiday recipe (like you’d serve at Christmas)… or not…

Here is the button and code, if you’d like to add it to your blog to promote it. Obviously, it will be more fun if we have more than, oh… two recipes. So spread the word!


  1. That’s a bea-u-ti-ful button, Karla!

    If I can get around to publishing a Thanksgiving recipe, I’ll definitely add your button and link to my blog.

  2. stephanie@{Olive Tree} says

    Very fun! I’m in.

  3. That button is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Go check out my post for today.

  4. I’m in! Give me a few days, but I’m adding the button and link now!

  5. Can I just say that your button totally rocks! I love this so much! Great idea!

  6. WorksForMom says

    I’m in too. I’ll add it this weekend! Did you make that awesome button? BEAUTIFUL Karla!

  7. I’m in! What a clever idea. How cool. :)

  8. Thanksgiving Happiness! This is a great idea…and such a cute button for promoting this event. Thank you! I’ve posted and placed the button on my blog. I’m looking forward to participating…just need to decide on a recipe…so many to choose from!

  9. I’m in – thanks again for your help yesterday. I will add your cool blog button to my site. :o)

  10. crafty carolinagirl says

    Yeah! I will definitely join in. Plus, it will get me to thinking about my menu.

    Very cute button too :)

  11. Sounds like alot of fun. I will advertise this on Monday….I have a few more to advertise too…I’ll make it a post for Monday….have a good weekend.

  12. TracyMichele says

    FUN! Since I already have my menu planned and written out, I will just cut and paste it into my blog! Count me in. I can’t wait to see what everyone else is making. Mine leans toward the traditional New England meal.. with a twist. ;)

  13. queenoftheclick says

    What a great and fun idea! Love it!

  14. Awesome! I’m in…

    Now … how’d you do that with the code for your button? Inquiring minds wanna know!

  15. Mommy Cracked says

    A terrific idea! I added your button and can’t wait to participate!

  16. Ribbon Rock Star says

    Great idea! I just added the button to my sidebar. I will be back with my recipes too!


  17. I just stumbled into your blog today from seeing the carnival button somewhere else… good timing! Anyways, I don’t do the full meal, but I’ll be glad to share the recipes I take to my mom’s and my MIL’s houses!

  18. Sounds fun! I’m always looking for new recipes!! Thanks!!!

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