Go me!

Today was filled with sorting and tossing and gathering. One of those busy, random, yet productive days.

I’ve been lamenting the clutter and piles scattered around my home.

I am a pile girl; I have piles of things around my house. Somehow it makes me feel as if I’ve done something with my stuff. But really, it just allows it all to keep accumulating. Tonight I was a pile driver – driven to get rid of them. Sorting through them, tossing, tossing and tossing. So liberating to do that.

Unfortunately, it was after a mini-tirade. One laid on my daughter after I discovered some hidden shoving. And right at bedtime.

Nothing like sending your child to bed while acting like an ogre*.

Mother of the year.

On a brighter note, the boys and I collected leaves this afternoon for some Thanksgiving crafts. It was a gorgeous day here; perfect for being outside. Tomorrow we will make the crafts.

I also made my first venison meal. That’s always been Sean’s job. I never cook it; I’m always afraid it would weird me out too much. But today I decided to do it up in the crock pot. It was wonderful and smelled so good while it was cooking – very rich smelling. For those interested, it was about 2 pounds venison, 1/2 c water, 2 cans cream of mushroom soup, 1 small can of mushrooms, ~ 2T Worcestershire sauce, a sprinkling of chives, and a sprinkling of beef bouillon. Simmered on low all day. Perfect! I was very pleased because I was worried it would turn out rubbery. But it was tender and really tasty.

Unlike the crock pot apple butter I made yesterday. Or I should say, attempted to make. I had such high hopes for it – my house smelled wonderful all day long. But we went to dinner and then made a spontaneous decision to go get a coat for our poor freezing four year old. That extra time was all it took to take my apple butter from glorious to gory. Burnt apple butter is not a nice smell. It was the antithesis of the smell I had experienced all day.

Those poor poor apples.

But I felt that I redeemed myself today.

*I did go in and apologize. Go me.


  1. http://Ruth says

    :) love ya karla!

    btw — i’m in your country NOW! :) we’re here a couple more days before we head home. is it ever WARM! the trees even still have leaves on them!

  2. Go you! I’m always amazed you can overcook something in the crock pot!

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