Give me a way to contact you

I love receiving comments.





love them.

But do you know how sad it makes me when I can’t reply to you via email when you leave me some comment love?

Did you know that in Blogger, if you have a profile set up with them, there is a place to add your email? Don’t want to add your email for fear of weirdos spamming you? Create a free one on gmail, yahoo or hotmail that is dedicated just to blogging.

Please add your email to your profile so that I can say hey and thank you when you so kindly drop by.

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  1. http://Dot says

    I like to give and receive comments as well! And it bugs me when I can’t find an email address so I may drop someone a line.

  2. http://joscelyne%20cutchens says

    I agree! I have been wanting to tell my blog readers the same thing! :)

  3. http://stacey says

    thanks for the reminder. i feel the same!

    the new look is fab!

  4. http://Kelly%20-%20PTT says

    Okay – does this work? I’ve had a blogger profile for eons, but don’t know if it shows you my email.

    Great tip!

  5. http://mommagurl32 says

    Never thought about that…thanks! I’m going to put mine in now!

  6. http://SAHMmy%20Says says

    Great tip! I’ve always wondered why some comments come through without an email address–I have to sign in with my email to leave comments, so I just figured people were entering bogus emails to protect themselves from spammers when they signed in. Will check my Blogger profile to make sure my email is entered–doing my little part :)
    Gorgeous new photo BTW!

  7. http://Emily says

    I like comments too!

  8. http://Kirstin says

    I love comments too…and it isn’t as fun when you can’t reply to someone. Great tip and “hint”.

  9. http://The%20Apron%20Queen says

    You just made my life easier! Thanks! :D

    For your daily dose of vintage goodness & a bit of silliness, stop by Confessions of an Apron Queen

  10. http://Mel says

    Now you have me wondering! Gotta go see my blog to confirm… Thanks a million

  11. http://Mel%20@%20A%20Box%20of%20Chocolates says

    I posted about the same thing a bit ago. Even gave instructions on how to enter it into blogger. It annows me when I can’t reply back because I like to respond to as many comments as I can. Thanks for joining me in the fight!! (Now wouldn’t that be embarrasing if my email address didn’t come up!!)

  12. http://Sgt%20and%20Mrs%20Hub says

    I made the same plea a week or so ago… it did help!!

    Lovin’ your blog design! You are one talented woman!


    p.s. Do you still do mommy cards – or did I imagine that?

  13. http://Kirby3131 says

    Do you have to have the box checked that says “Show my email address”? If so, then I have one identity with that checked and one without. I’ll have to go change that right now. I’ve been clicking back and forth and I think you do need to have that box checked.



  14. http://Momma%20Mary says

    fin. so I have to check the “show my email” box. I did it. But If I get tons of spam now, I totally blame you! Ha ha! :)

  15. http://Abbreviated says

    Some on typepad need to enable their profiles.

  16. http://Samantha%20@%20the%20Listeners%20post says

    Ok – I feel like a dork. So I totally just checked my blogger info to make sure my email address was checked, and I had spelled “Tennessee” wrong in my hometown info. Yeah, I haven’t lived here very long, but that’s not really a good excuse…

    But thanks for the reminder – I changed some other things in there as well!

  17. http://Wife%20and%20Mommy says

    Okay, I’ve changed my settings to show my email. Here’s hoping to not being spammed!

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