~~gasp~~ Not everything you know about skin care is true

We are all so-called experts on skin care. After all, great aunt Mary Ellen’s best friends mother swore by smearing globs and globs of Vaseline on her face each and every night. And her skin was weathered like a piece of leather perfect, so it must be true.

::come close and let me share a secret:: Would you believe me if I told you that not everything you hear or read is true? (which might lead one to argue that that statement could therefore be false, which would negate this entire post… *ouch* I think I just pulled a muscle in my brain…)

Here are some common myths and what I found out about each.

Myth – Preparation H reduces eye puffiness

yeahokay – NO. In fact, using Preparation H around the eyes can cause dry and inflamed skin. Therefore, you’ll just end up with dry, inflamed, greasy eyes. You’re better off just saving it for your nether region.

preparation h is not for your face

Myth – Your skin pores open and close

A pore is not a door or window – they can not open and close. However, if something is built up in the pore (ie. dead skin cells) the pores can appear enlarged. Go ahead and exfoliate in order to remove that gunk stuff.

Myth – Cucumber reduces eye puffiness

The cucumber itself does not reduce puffiness. But consider this – have you ever heard of someone being referred to as hot as a cucumber? No – it’s cool as a cucumber. Cucumbers are able to stay cold for long periods of time outside of a refrigerator. That cold is what actually reduces puffiness (it causes blood vessels around our eyes to contract, thereby reducing swelling). That being said, you could lay a dirty sock over your eyes and it could help. As long as it is cold.

Myth – Soap is bad for your skin

When soaps contained lye and animal fat, this was true. But newer soaps are less harsh and have good stuff – like moisturizers.

Myth – Vaseline on your face every night will prevent wrinkles?

Petroleum can make wrinkles less apparent by softening lines, but it can’t prevent aging.

Myth – Never pluck a gray hair, because 10 more will grow in its place

Answer me this: If you grow some carrots and pull them up out of the ground, will a bunch more pop up in its place? It’s just not possible.

Myth – Alcohol-free is better
Not all alcohols are drying alcohols. There are also fatty-alcohols. Fatty = emollient. Emollient = softer skin. (examples of fatty alcohols would be cetyl-alcohol, benzyl-alcohol and oleyl-alcohol)
Myth – Cutting your hair and eyelashes once a week will make them grow longer
We’ll believe just about anything, won’t we? Try this one out and you’ll just end up bald.

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  1. I’m first? Wow.
    I used to keep spoons in the freezer to put on my eyes. It worked really well, especially if you’ve been crying? Soothes the eyes right up.

  2. I are you talking about me in this post???? Ya know seeing as last week I talked about a miracle exfoliant called Miracle Whip?? Hey, it worked believe it or not. :)’

  3. Jennifer says

    I really loved that last one. LOL
    For my facial stuff I like Mary Kay but I haven’t really tried much else. The other thing I really LOVE is Abolene. That stuff is awesome! And it has more uses than just for your face.

    I’ve just started following you on Twitter, any pics of baby fussy yet?

  4. It All Started With a Kiss says

    Trimming eyelashes?? Now, that WOULD make my eyes bleed. Those were some great pics, btw.

  5. Too cute Karla. What a great and clever post! Frump fighting and myth busting!! Woohoo!

  6. There is so much information out there about beauty I have gotten to the point of just running around in circles with my hands over my ears screaming, “lalalalalalalalala”.

  7. eyelashes? people cut their eyelashes? what?

  8. Too funny about the cutting your eyelashes.

  9. Elizabeth...mommy...etc says

    woohoo-i love fighting the frump. i can’t believe how it can actually creep up w/o being completely recognizable. but i’ll still fight it! :-) come on over and I’ll blog about my tips in the next 1-2 days. *elizabeth

  10. I only have tips on what not to do. One of my mother’s good friends swore that rubbing cooking shortening on her skin cured the dryness. I guess. It could also give you an unfair advantage in a Slip-n-Slide contest.

  11. I am so glad you told me about preperation H I was ready to try it.

  12. Thanks for the tips! I love that I have some official comebacks for the people telling me to cut my hair in order to grow it out, or that my fave facial soap bar (kept in it’s own clean case away from grubby little cute paws) is bad for my complexion. xoxo

  13. I can’t beleive people would cut their eyelashes! LOL! I always heard that what you were born with was what you would always have, and that if you lost them you were out of luck! Probably just another myth.

    I’m running behind today, so my FtF post may not happen until this evening… or next Friday. :-)

    Great job hosting!!!

  14. Thanks for the tips! I noticed on your sidebar that you are reading Uncharted, and had to comment. That was a very, very, very good book. It had me thinking, and thinking, and thinking some more. Enough with the triplets, just wanted to toss in my two cents on the great book!

  15. I know a lady that refuses to use soap and water, water never touches her face. What she takes all that makeup off with I don’t know. Her whole family do it, but they won’t tell you what they use!

    Thanks for sharing!

  16. Deanna Vazquez says

    Cucumbers are great…to eat.

    When I was 18 I was getting ready for a very special evening out, so I thought I’d treat myself very special and put cucumber slices on my eyes like they suggegsted in “Cleo” magazine. I did feel some tingling at first, then a little itch, then burning and finally when I couldn’t stand the fire any more I slid them off, you know…just in case. Unfortunately I greeted my date that night with a ring of hot red welts around each eye…needless to say I didn’t get a second date… Dare I try tea bags?

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