Frugality Related

I am in the process of creating a Frugality Forum. (you can view it here; there will also be a link to it from the Frugality blog)

Please consider what topics you would like to see or can think of and let me know. Currently, it is divided into categories: Community and Frugal Living Resources.

Under “Community” (so far) will be chatter and introductions.
Under “Frugal Living Resources” (so far) will be tips for gardening, housekeeping, cooking, cleaning, automobile care, clothing, Freebies and links to other Frugal Living blogs, websites etc… those are to start.

What other forums should be under those categories?

Please leave your thoughts in comments.

(and be sure to look at the cake in the post below… I’m sure it is anything but frugal to purchase, but it is lovely to look at, and looks are free!)



    She’s been on the frugality re-make kick lately and it’s quite entertaining as well.

    Makes me re-evaluate some recent “opportunities”.

    Thanks for the great mind stretch on the subject.


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