Freshly Colored Hair

aaah… I feel human again.


I have the most stubborn grays (sshhhh, don’t tell!) and it’s gotten easier to maintain by going lighter on top.
The purple? Well, that’s just because it’s so darn fun!


  1. And here I thought I was the only one with stubborn grays. LOL! My dark hair makes them next to impossible to hide. Love your lighter color and the purple is fabulous!

    I found your blog by way of Boo Mama. Don’t ya just love Sophie! Thought I would check out your blog. So glad I did. Consider me a new fan!

    • http://Karla says

      Thanks, Lisa! My hair is so stubborn — I was spending money to cover it, and the color was always washed out of the grays within a week. GAH!!

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. You are looking so radiant! I absolutely LOVE the color combo!

  3. http://Karla says

    Hmm, still might not be convinced: feel free to ask at the next neighborhood block party. ;)

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