Flower girl

When I was in 5th grade, my mom bought me the cutest floral blouse. It was a Levi Strauss top, with a small ruffle at the neck. I often wore it with a pink satin ribbon tied in a jaunty bow at the neck. And by often, I mean I wore the stitching out of it.

I also would have given my left arm (just to place a value on that,I’m left-handed), my collection of braided ribbon barrettes and my graphic shoelaces for a Laura Ashley dress like this:

This is what comes to mind when I think of floral prints. While the fabric itself is lovely, it is dated.

So what are stylish options for fightin’ the frump with florals? This spring, big bold floral prints are in. And not only are they gorgeous and come in all sorts of yummy colors, but they are flattering on most figures.

I love these because they can be dressed up or worn casual. I *heart* fashion that is multi-purposed.

old navy
old navy


Before you go, be sure to read about my trip to Paris for Fashion week. You had no idea I went? Well, that’s all the more reason to read it and catch up with me. It was definitely a frump fightin’ adventure!


  1. I am extremely cautious with that particular cut of shirt, because I’ve been asked twice while wearing one much like it if I’m pregnant. Um!
    I’m glad to hear about the big florals, though!

  2. These tops definitely say SPRING! Very cute.

  3. Barbara H. says

    I still like the first dress best — I don’t think it looks dated. I don’t like “big and bold” no matter how “in” it is.

  4. I have never liked big florals…and that style just makes me look pregnant…sometimes I wish I had help with my wardrobe! I wear too much black…

  5. Sister Honey Bunch says

    I really like the one from Target. Cute.

  6. I love the look of these shirts, but I think the Target one would flatter me best. I am petite and some of those shirts look like tents on me. Not maternity shirts. Just tents ;)

    But I love the print and I would have loved that Laura Ashley dress back in the day too :) Not so much now…

  7. I love those. I also had several of those small floral print dresses…and the braided barretts to match with the streamers at the end that mixed in gloriously with my big hair.

  8. I like the last two best. I really liked the first one when I saw it online, but then I went to Old Navy yesterday and looked at it and it looks like a scrubs shirt. :(

  9. Cute tops!! Might have to get me one or two.

  10. Yeah . . . I like those shirts. And the Laura Ashley dress: I wanted one of those too, but wasn’t so fortunate with that either.

  11. Oh how I loved making and wearing those braided barrettes in elementary school!

    I think the Target top is my favorite.

  12. The Target shirt is fierce!!

  13. Crafty Carolinagirl says

    I had a Laura Ashley dress just like that one! I loved it. I think I am going to have to go out and buy that Target top. It is too cute.

  14. Not the Queen says

    I love that first Old Navy shirt!

  15. Don’t hate me – I had the Laura Ashley dress. I looked GOOD.
    I really like the first old navy top. Fresh & springy.

  16. I love those patterns! And the shirts look like they would cover my BUTT! (Big plus!!)

  17. fullheartandhands mama says

    I just want to say a big thanks for posting about items that would fit into my stay-at-home mom budget. It is so refreshing, especially since Old Navy and Target are both in my budget and quick driving range. Thanks!

  18. Mackenzies Momma says

    I love those prints i may have to run right out and pick some up(well when my hair is dry). Though I may have to be careful with the cut I choose because even wearing ‘normal’ t-shirts i’ve been hearing far too much of that HORRID question ‘so when are ya due?!’ UGH!

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