Final Presidential Debate

How to Make the Debates More Interesting to Watch:


this is just one of 20 funny ideas.

(this one is by: ivanwright)

Here is my creation of what I would like to see take place:

Sack Race start

What do you think would be a good way to settle this whole election process once and for all?


  1. That’s great, Karla!

  2. Melissa @ The Inspired Room says

    ROFL. {snort} Too funny. Yeah, I sure hope they try something new tonight! :-) And those are some great ideas!! Why not? It might loosen some folks up a bit. :-)

  3. The Hunter's Wife says

    That is too funny!

  4. BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) says

    That is HILARIOUS!

    I think you need to do some political commentary for CNN. I know I definitely need some comic relief thrown in with all the coverage. ;)

  5. Karla, this is so funny! Just the smile I needed today since I have a bad case of poison ivy.

    J. Wetzel

  6. topsytechie says

    I think yours was definitely the best…although the Muppets one is a close second! Priceless!

  7. Also Known As Alicia says

    I like the sack race idea. Or how about the 3-legged race? In all reality, I would just appreciate it if they would be nice to one another!

  8. Awe. Some. So awesome. Nester and I are laughing out loud ;)

  9. Robin ~ PENSIEVE says

    OH, my! Heeheehilarious.

    Thanks for the relief…the debate wears me out!

  10. Darcy @ LWM3B says

    ohmygoodness. I love it!

  11. such a great idea. so far i don’t like much of what i’ve heard from anyone so this would be a great way to settle it to me!

  12. I kinda like the idea of a duel…with tomatoes

  13. Been looking for awhile, but this was so funny that it made want to comment. I personally think thumb wrestling would be a good idea. Or maybe musical chairs.

  14. texasholly says

    Silly silly girl.

    I think Palin and Obama might win that sack race.

  15. A hot dog eating contest!! That should do it!

    Love those pictures!

  16. That is truly hilarious! Ha! After a long, tiring day, I just spent the very last of my energy chuckling over this post.

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