Fightin’ the frump on this fine Memorial Day

Because this got posted on a quiet day (Memorial Day) I am reposting it for Fight the Frump. Feel free to add your link to your post of the frumpy outfit you purged, to Mr. Linky below.

So finally — I am able to post my outfit in all of its glory. I would have had it posted earlier, but I got side-tracked by these:

doritos quest

Have mercy, are they good! I don’t think they fall under the umbrella of marathon-training food. But there are bound to be some vitamins, or minerals, or sumpin’ in there that is good.

This outfit is old. If nothing else, it will sell you on the fact that J.Crew makes some quality stuff.


Background of shirt:

shirt sleeve frayedshirt collar frayed

Purchased in 1993 when I worked at J.Crew during college.

shirt holes shirt frayed

Worn through all four pregnancies. Surprised none of the buttons ever popped off.

shoulder holes2shoulder holes

Just this past summer, finally began to show signs of wear. And it went downhill quickly.

Background of pants:


Purchased in 2000 after Abigael was born
Worn through the subsequent pregnancies.
Even worn to church at one point, with nice flats. There must be a special prayer of repentance that I must say for that mistake.
Now have no shape – saggy knees, wide at hips. At one point, they had a cute little flare at the bottom. Now they just fizzle. (you can’t tell from the photo, but they are a sort-of cropped length – stop an inch or two above the ankle)

It is time for me to fare thee well, my frumpy outfit. You’ve served me well, though lately, you’ve just served me. I know, without a doubt, fo shizzle, that I got my moneys worth from both items.

So tell me about yours. Link to it here, and invite others to join in the frump purge.


  1. http://To%20Think%20is%20to%20Create says

    Oh gurl…that shirt? Priceless. Should go in a time capsule.

  2. http://Megan%20(FriedOkra) says

    OH! It was time, sweetie. I know it’s hard to say goodbye, but they obviously lived long, full lives. I had these Old Navy black/white gingham drawstring pants with a huge baggy seat that I finally made myself get rid of as I was purging to move up here from Atlanta. It was SO hard to get rid of them, but then also it’s nice NOT to ever have the option of putting them on again. They were poison in my wardrobe, really. Same concept explains why I’ve finally cut my hair short – so I just no longer have the completely unacceptable option of the scraped back ponytail. Sometimes you just have to rid yourself of the temptation to frump.

  3. http://Abbreviated says

    That shirt was loved to death !

  4. http://Mrs.%20Fussy%20Fussypants says

    MY EYES!

  5. http://Family%20O'Foxes says

    Wow, that shirt has a lot going on!!! Way too much pattern for my eyes! You should pat yourself on your back for not cluttering the landfill with those articles. :D


  6. http://The%20Flip%20Flop%20Mamma! says

    Sorry, but with all the moving we’ve done, I haven’t hung on to anything. If I don’t wear or haven’t worn it in a few months, I’ve tossed it! And I am very glad you threw those clothes out!! OMWord! LOL.

  7. http://Adventures%20In%20Babywearing says

    Aw- well I’ll just say that I can totally understand why you get attached to certain pieces of clothing and- as long as you don’t leave the house in them- why not wear what feels good? I have a DKNY tee that has stayed with me over 10 years, but I wouldn’t wear it outside, what with the holes and all. I think I like shopping too much and after working many years of retail, I’m always changing my wardrobe with each season!


  8. http://traci says

    you are Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to pretty for that shirt!!!! The pants have no form..women need form.

  9. http://Valarie says

    Oh, I forgot to do this!! I need to go do this ASAP.

  10. http://Darla says

    I purged my entire closet in March. Couldn’t take it anymore.

    That is one swell shirt ;)

  11. http://Jane%20@%20What%20About%20Mom? says

    Embrace the Purge. I even say purge the excess books — that’s what libraries are for!

  12. http://Guinevere%20Meadow says

    Hi, I clicked on your adoptic snippet!

    It can be SO HARD not to be frumpy when you’re a mom. Awhile ago I did a parody of “green eggs and ham” which I called “I will not be a frumpy Mom!” I should see if I can find it somewhere…

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