Fear and Loathing at the Dentist

Last week I took Abbie to the dentist for a screening for her jaw. We are hoping she is selected to take part in a program at UAB that will help find ways to correct it and (hopefully) avoid surgery. Sitting and listening to them, they were throwing words around that had too many syllables and letters to count. There were only a couple of words I understood and none of them included “this will correct itself”…

It was just a screening, but we still didn’t know what to expect.

Abbie was nervous.

And tense.

She has the nicest doctor, who tried to put her at ease.

And finally got a smile out of her.

She has a long road ahead of her. No matter what or how, she will always be my beautiful girl.


  1. […] were apparent early on. Even as a little girl, she seemed to have a bit of a crossbite, and as herĀ permanentĀ teeth have begun growing in, I’ve been unable to deny that some sort of orthodontic work will need […]

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