Faith Like a Child


There is nothing like watching children worshipping. Completely uninhibited. Arms up. Singing off key at the top of their lungs.

I’m so grateful that our kids were able to attend our churches VBS this past week.

615 school-aged children

$3300 (!!!!) given in offerings to build FOUR wells in India (their goal was $1500)

50 children making a decision to follow Christ


Their eternity is now on a totally different course. Forever changed.

For more info: I’ve written a post on how to pray for your children, with resources listed.


  1. http://Linda%20@%20My%20Trendy%20Tykes says

    It really is a beautiful sight, huh? Our church had vbs last week and yesterday the kids all got on stage to perform some of their songs. It made me tear up to say the least!

  2. http://Hillary%20@%20The%20Other%20Mama says

    I love this, too! Isn't it an awesome experience?
    We do a youth weekend version every year called Discovery Weekend and it gave me chill bumps just to type it. I love it SO much! The high school kids are the leaders and the middle schoolers participate in the program. It's a really amazing way to pull a youth group together. Awesome.
    What a wonderful VBS!! Great!

  3. http://manker says

    that gets a serious amen :)

    phil 4:13

  4. http://Kristen says

    awesome!! that sounds amazing!!

  5. http://Faith%20Imagined says

    I am checking out all the other 'Most Inspiring Blog' nominees. I love your blog! Thanks for posting this video of Jars of Clay! They are my absolute favorite band!!!

  6. http://Hapi says

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  7. http://Rachel says

    God is SO GREAT! That's awesome, Karla!

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  11. http://Jane says

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